“Oui” to Weed: Quebec’s Weed Laws in 2020

Source: Shutterstock Quebec has the highest legal-age-limit out of all the Canadian provinces and territories. In addition to its prohibition of home cannabis grows, that fact is evidence of Quebec’s […]

Quebec Raises Legal Cannabis Age to 21

[ad_1] Montreal, Quebec, Canada – August 10, 2019: A significant crowd of individuals stand in line for the Quebec Cannabis Corporation (SDQC) retailer on Saint-Catherine St. The provincially owned corporation […]

Quebec Accused of Driving Youth Towards Organized Crime

[ad_1] The co-founder of The Supreme Cannabis Firm has congratulated illicit pot dealers for securing a monopoly on Quebecois shoppers beneath 21 years of age. John Fowler’s tongue-in-cheek remark came […]

Quebec Combatting Black Industry Costs with Hexo

[ad_1] iStock / PaulMcKinnon In spite of nation-wide recreational legalization final year, in October of 2018, the higher expense of legal cannabis has perpetuated the existence of illegal grey marketplace […]