Rep. Young joins Democrats to pass U.S. marijuana legalization bill

A woman processes marijuana in Alaska.
Marijuana being processed and harvested in Southeast Alaska. (Berett Wilber/Alaska Public)

Alaska Rep. Don Young was one of only five Republicans to vote for a bill that would decriminalize marijuana.

The bill passed 228-164 in the House on Friday, but is unlikely to go further before Congress adjourns in early January.

Rep. Young’s tweet include a 2019 photo of him touring Alaska grow operation Raspberry Roots.

Young, who does not advocate for marijuana use, is nonetheless co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus.

“I’m a conservative Republican … but I believe in state’s rights,” he said in 2017, when the caucus was announced. (A caucus, in this sense, is a group of like-minded lawmakers who come together to advance a particular issue.) He said the federal government should not overrule the voters in his state.

Alaska and 14 other states have legalized cannabis for recreational use by adults. A majority of states allow it for medical purposes.

Passage of the House bill is a significant milestone for the movement to make…

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