Strain Review – Wreak Havoc, By Mendo Dope

This strain is a potent hard hitting indica dominant hybrid created with a unique OG Kush pheno we call “Poison OG” crossed with Subcool’s famous Querkle. Poison OG is a fierce Kush plant. It has an extremely powerful punch that hits your chest and head with strong effects. The aroma is very sharp and strikes the nose like racing fuel, but is complimented with a smooth earthy flavor that blends remarkably well.

Querkle is a vigorous growing purple plant. Created with Urkle and Space Queen this strain has strong grape and sour berry flavors with purple colored flowers. This particular purple strain grows faster and has more frost then the average grape varieties. Our goal was to make a perfect blend of Kush and purple that had a brand-new twist no one else had done yet.

“Wreak Havoc” is not your ordinary Purple Kush plant, the smell is very complex and unique. This is the type of dank gangsters like Reek Daddy smoked.

We created this strain in dedication to our cuddie Reek Daddy who passed away from cancer in 2017. Reek Daddy was an independent rapper out of Vallejo, California. He was the one who gave us our name Mendo Dope, as well as got our music career started back in 2007. We recorded hundreds of songs together and rocked stages all over California. One of the last times we all got to hang out in the studio together we were just getting into breeding. We talked about how we were creating our first strain and Reek was coming up with names he would want to call the strains.

One of the names he mentioned was Wreak Havoc, the title to one of his all-time classic hit albums. We grew up listening to that record long before meeting Reek Daddy so it stuck in our brain that day and we wanted to bring the idea to life. Two of Reek Daddy’s favorite flavors to smoke were OG Kush and the all-time classic purple grapes. At this time, we had just picked out a male Querkle from Subcool for the creation of our new strain “It’s Mendo Dope”. We thought it would also be the perfect male to use for the making of “Wreak Havoc”.

We remember seeing numerous varieties of the Querkle and it was always impressive. Some phenos leaned towards the thick indica grape style structure and others exhibited characteristics of the Space Queen with fast vigorous growth and strong lemon terpenes. The male Querkle we chose for this looked like it was a perfect candidate with a Kushy grape look to the leaves but more of a space queen growth pattern. Over our years of pheno hunting and collecting special strains we had come across a very nice OG Kush cut from one of our good friends Calie Grown. This plant was the type of Kush that Reek Daddy and us loved to smoke. Potent, extreme fuel and gas along with a beautiful picture-perfect solid silver glistening flower.

Now that it was time to finally create this masterpiece we were pumped up. We bred this strain indoors and did our first official test run outdoors to see how she would perform. There are two dominant phenos that you will find with Wreak Havoc. One of these phenos has a strong funky berry grape aroma and finishes with a beautiful dark purple color on the leaves and flower.

This grape pheno has really thick branches and is very strong. Buds are tightly packed together and this plant likes to grow wider then tall. The other main pheno that you will find leans to the Kushy lemon side of the family tree.

Its bright green flowers are packed with sandy trichomes and grows with more of a sativa structure. This plant produces long spear shaped colas and wants to grow tall so training is key. Wreak Havoc has an 8-week flowering cycle and is very mold resistant. When growing purple strains they tend to mold easily especially outdoors due to the solid thick bud structure.

The Wreak Havoc has a very strong lineage from the sativa space queen for mildew resistance making it great for outdoor cultivation. Some of the more grape dominant phenos do have very thick buds so if you are growing in a moister climate you should look for the green sativa pheno.

Before we chopped these beautiful ladies they really began to tighten up and got very solid on the last few days. The grape berry pheno had dark purple and violet shades on the flower with vibrant orange hairs surrounded in large resin heads. The green lemonene pheno kept its bright green glow up to the final days and produced a massive amount of resin that you could see sparkle from across the garden.

We were so excited to finally have a proper taste test and find out how these flavors merged together as one. Breaking down the grape pheno of “Wreak Havoc” unleashed a potent rotten fruit aroma. The smell of berries, grapes and pomegranate blended together like a smoothie. Urkle was the dominant flavor but there was something unique going on in the background.

The mixture of sweet fruits and Kush were complimented by a smooth earthy undertone of flavor. Wrapped up in a Sweet Aromatic Backwood we fired up and we were instantly in heaven. The flavor was like cotton candy grapes. Sweet and sugary with a blast of exotic dragon fruit layered on the taste buds made our mouths water. Next, we got to enjoy the green pheno.

This particular plant had a much stronger scent of lime and lemons. This flower had a silver neon green shine that was almost glowing under the sunlight. massive resin heads glistened as we broke down this pheno. Dominant terpenes of lemonene filled the room as we passed around the blunt. Right away it was like drinking a kiwi kush lemonade with a pine needle garnish. It was strong and expanded the lungs but was very smooth on the inhale.

Wreak Havoc is a great strain for pain relief and relaxation. Its effects are strong but not overwhelming. THC levels are in the mid 20% range with terpene variations of lemonene and myrcene. With its purple cotton candy grape and green lemon berry flavor profile “Wreak Havoc” is definitely something for the connoisseur smoker.

This strain is great for both indoor and outdoor growing. We would recommend this to anyone who enjoys classic Urkle and Kush flavors. We made this strain so we could keep a part of Reek Daddy’s legacy growing and for people around the world to smoke on what we all liked to smoke. We wish Reek and Subcool were still here with us today but we know they can smell the dank smoke up above from “Wreak Havoc”.

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Breeder: Mendo Dope

Genetics: Poison OG x Querkle

Yield: Medium

Height: Medium/Tall

Harvest: 56 Days

Indica: 70% Sativa: 30%

Published and Written by Mendo Dope in Weed World Magazine Issue 148

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