Fewer Teens are Seeking Treatment for Cannabis Use in Legal States

Already, cannabis enthusiasts have had the chance to rejoice over studies showing that drug abuse and teen use numbers are down in legal states, making the industry overall look good. Now, there is also evidence to suggest that fewer teens are seeking treatment for abusing cannabis in states where cannabis is recreationally legal.

The number specifically broke down how many teens were admitted to treatment programs for cannabis-related issues. Overall, the findings showed that in states where cannabis is legal, the number was lower, and fewer teens were seeking treatment for misuse.

Trends in Adolescent Treatment Admissions for Marijuana in the United States, 2008-2017, the report that shared this data with the world, hailed from the United States and was published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the report, “adolescent treatment admissions for marijuana declined in most states. The mean annual admissions rate for all states declined over the study period by nearly half, from 60 (admissions per 10,000 adolescents) in 2008 to 31 in 2017.”

In other words, the states where the sharpest drop-offs were detected had not just medical, but also recreationally legal industries—the opposite of what many detractors thought would happen.

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