Viola Brand Hits Evergreen Market

Viola Brand Evergeen Market

Viola Brand cannabis hits Evergreen Market.Viola Brand is shaping the cannabis industry with a vital purpose and made way to the Evergreen Market.

Viola is a black-owned cannabis company that supports people of color in the cannabis community. These Ganja farmers aspire to provide education and training through the industry. Helping people of color obtain licensing within the industry. Working with programs to help provide tools and resources for those re-entering back into society.

“That’s where my true passion lies – in creating generational wealth for minorities and their communities.”

-Al Harrington CEO

The Beginning of Viola

Viola was founded (2011) by Albert Harrington, a former professional basketball player. He encountered multiple surgeries from playing in the NBA. Doctors would prescribe him heavy medications. They were leaving him feeling immensely drowsy. That’s when Al discovered the beneficial use of CBD.

Ericka Pittman, Chief Marketing Officer in Viola, is one of the first black female CMO of a multi-state cannabis company. Harrington is currently a member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA).

The name Viola is inspired by Al’s Grandmother, who was diagnosed with severe glaucoma and diabetes. She was very skeptical at first, but soon after she tried cannabis, she felt improvements in her vision. Her sight didn’t allow her to see clearly, and now she can read her favorite books. In return, she now believes cannabis to be a source of healing.

“At that point, I started to look at this as medicine.” -AL HARRINGTON CEO (UNINTERRUPTED)

Shop Viola at these Evergreen locations:


South Renton

North Renton




One of the first Multi-state Black-owned cannabis producers. Viola plans to create opportunities for non-violent offenders to have the option to get licensing in the cannabis industry. They are hoping to create 10,000+ jobs in the process. Harrington Wellness was launched in 2018, a company that launches non-psychoactive products. One of the organizations that the company works closely with is Root and Rebound. A re-entry program for people who have been incarcerated and need tools to help get them on their feet. The movement of this cannabis company speaks to uplift all individuals of color in the cannabis community.

“I see first-hand how these communities suffer at the hands of nonviolent drug offenses and it needs to change.”

-CEO Al Harrington.

Al Harrington CEO | Ericka Pittman CMO

Written by: Anna Pogi

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