Terpenes: The Lesser Known Fighters In Your CBD Product

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Many of you who are not living under a rock will be well aware of CBD and the sweeping changes that it is bringing to the pharma landscape. Nonetheless, with the industry still very much in its infantile stage, there are many quirks that people at large, end up missing out on. One of these closely guarded secrets that are held within a bottle of CBD product is terpenes. What are terpenes? How do they differ from CBD? Let us turn you into an informed consumer. Read on…

What Many Don’t Know

Cannabis sativa L. plants contain an astonishing 113 or so odd, active compounds. These compounds are collectively called the cannabinoids – CBD is only 1 of the 113. Industrial hemp offers a rich plethora of cannabinoids and is perfect for inducing the therapeutic effects without the unnecessary ‘high’ due to the high concentration of the intoxicating substance, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is present in marijuana above 40% of its total dry weight. In comparison, the amount of THC present in hemp is only a mere 0.3% – too little to make a difference. Of the other 112 or so cannabinoids, terpenes make up a sizeable chunk.

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What Are Terpenes?

The fact is you have interacted with terpenes, quite often, and don’t know it yet. These are the aromatic compounds that are present in a variety of plants, flowers and are responsible for the fragrances that waft from it. This means that the scent from the jasmine flower, while you are walking past a garden, is the result of terpenes present in it. It is for this reason that they are added in a variety of day-to-day products which you may not have looked twice at. Apart from the sweet scents, these are the compounds that are capable of imbuing a range of effects that are beneficial to your health and wellness.

How Terpenes Works Its Magic?

Terpenes interact with the body, much in the way that CBD does – through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is the central regulatory system that ties together other prominent systems of the body – from the central nervous system to the cardiovascular system. The terpenes bind with receptors that cause the production of the body’s natural cannabinoid. This in turn elicits certain reactions from the body that are beneficial.

When this is combined with CBD and the rest of the chromenes and flavonoids, result in the entourage effect – a synergic effect that occurs when cannabinoids work together. The overall benefits are accentuated and boosted as a result, and the effects are more pronounced. This is the perfect example of an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The concentration of the various cannabinoids differs in cannabis variants, and so do the terpenes that are present themselves. Here are some of the notable entries to the list:


This is a terpene that is present in lavender and is responsible for the distinct aroma associated with the flower. It is for this reason that it is used in potpourri, candles, and a variety of candles and scented deodorizers. These have the effect of calming nerves and helping instill a sense of calmness and control. It feels great to spray a fine mist of the terpene, on your pillow right before you are getting some night of well-deserved rest.


If you know the king of all fruits, Mangoes, then you have had encounters with myrcene. It is one of the common terpenes and is responsible for the similar scent that mangoes are associated with. It helps to relieve inflammation and induce relaxation, making it the perfect addition to bath bombs and healing balms that can lull you to a mental state of rest, after a long tiring day


This is the terpene that is present in peppercorns and gives off a distinct aroma of woodiness. It helps to calm down tense nerves and allows in lowering discomfort as a result of inflammation and swelling.


This is the terpene that creates the zesty citric scent that is commonly seen with lemon and oranges, among other citric fruits. These are commonly used in man-made products, and the terpene creates an upbeat and calmer demeanor for anyone who catches a whiff of it. It is a powerful cleaning agent and helps to relieve stress.

Get yourself a full-spectrum CBD product, one which has the presence of all of the above-mentioned terpenes. The benefits that you have to gain from cannot be overlooked, and you will be far better off than with an isolated form of the CBD medication. I hope there are a newfound appreciation and respect that is demanded of terpenes, and CBD wouldn’t be the holistic natural extract we know, without terpenes making a fair enough contribution.

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