Leafbuyer’s Green Friday Event: Black Friday Marijuana Deals

green friday marijuana deals header 2018

Millions of people will be searching for Black Friday deals this year. Now more than ever, they will be looking to get their holiday shopping done on a budget.

The cannabis industry has been ‘greening’ the pastures of Black Friday for a few years now, by growing the tradition of Green Friday deals.

Leafbuyer has compiled the best Black Friday (which we call Green Friday) marijuana deals on THC and CBD products from across the country.

(PS – You can also find deals and place orders for delivery or pre-order on the Leafbuyer app.)

As more and more states are legalizing recreational cannabis, more dispensaries have opened around the country; creating more competition and better deals to entice would-be patrons of pot.

And the best way for a cannabis dispensary to stand out is by offering the best Green Friday cannabis deals in the area.

That’s why, every year since 2014 when Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, Leafbuyer has been teaming up with the top recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries to bring consumers smokin’ Green Friday Deals across legal states.

Using Leafbuyer’s unique platform, cannabis shoppers can discover phenomenal deals, research different strains, and explore the map to find dispensaries in their state.


As the world’s largest cannabis deals network, Leafbuyer continues to compile the best deals from hundreds of dispensaries across the nation, offering insane discounts for consumers.

In 2018, more than 165.8 million shopped over Black Friday weekend, in 2019 that number rose to 189.6 million over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Now, dispensaries want cannabis consumers to experience this rush as well. Right now, hundreds of businesses in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington are offering door-busting Green Friday Deals.

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