New Affiliate; New Gummy Mold Pix

Thanks everyone for the love on the new GLG affiliation. Been great meeting y’all over ig and phone these past 2 weeks.

Sharing some recent mold pix (along with masters) for your oogling pleasure. If anyone needs any gummy support (questions, workflow advice) or new stock/custom gummy molds, feel free to hit us up. As you’d expect, GLG gets that special hook up on tooling, molds, and our ever popular Gold Standard SOPs⚡️

I appreciate your work shares. Hope to see those texas shapes with @MillerliteRN

We will see Texas shapes soon, I hear. :eyes: @darkcitymolds

@MillerliteRN Yes! Big design session on Wednesday. DM your email and I’ll send you those renders.

Is that last mold(gem/octagon) part of your stock molds available now?

Yes, that’s our stock jewel design.

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