‘Brought me to my knees’ – Dee ‘Vanilla Gorilla’ Sullivan shares cannabis struggles

It doesn’t matter how physically or mentally strong you are cannabis can beat you down warns Dee Sullivan.

The Commonwealth Games representative and an Irish champion at various levels, Sullivan revealed he has struggled due to smoking the drug.

In an honest, emotional and brave post on social media, the Belfast fighter shared his personal experience with ‘weed’ and warned people against consuming the drug.

Sullivan revealed he has used the drug since he was 14 years old. Come the last lockdown and with training taken away, the big hitting light heavyweight suggests he hit a new low because of that consumtion.

Now 100 plus days clean ‘The Vanilla Gorilla’ felt it appropriate to share his personal experience and warn people against the drug.

The statement read as follows:

“Big post, so a right few months ago my mental state was very compromised. I think this was because of a lot of factors, not being able to train as much during the lockdown, not being able to get out and enjoy myself with my family also a big one for me and I cant state this enough was smoking grass.

“I have been a heavy user of grass and dope since I was about 14 on and of for fights training camps etc. I honestly think its one of the worst drugs out there. I know people take it and they’re fine, but it honestly melted my mental state to near enough zero.

“I felt very alone closing the blinds etc in my own house because I thought people were looking in at me. I didn’t want to go over the door with my kids because of the paranoia etc. I am a three time Elite Irish champion, so I consider myself a very mentally strong person, but this brought me to my knees.

“The reason I’m writing this is because of the amount of kids etc in Belfast Northern Ireland taking this drug thinking its okay, take it from me a Gorilla among lions it is not.

“It will catch up sooner or later, if one person can be helped by this then this post was worth the time. Also I’m well over 100 days sober and I feel 10 foot tall, so look after your heads folks.”

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