High Horoscopes November 2020

November is a powerhouse month, with more than the usual astrological shifts occurring. Mercury and Mars both ended their retrogrades on November 3 (exhale, sis), Pluto goes conjunct with Jupiter on November 12 (an invitation for growth), and there is a full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30 (asking us to reset and rethink old patterns).

Seems like the cosmos are sending us a special message: Mind power is the best kind of power you can have.

So feel free to kick back and inhale all the skunky goodness that life has to offer. Just make sure that you’re doing what is required of you to keep your heart and mind as clear as the morning sky. It’ll help you make healthy, potent decisions in this wild, wild time.

Read on for your November High Horoscopes.

Aries woman illustration


Herald, Aries! November brings a powerful message that may change your perspective on work and career for the long haul. Take a puff, and be prepared for some helpful or challenging information that will help you take the next step forward as it pertains to your work life. Things have been feeling sticky for a little while now, right? Here’s a change-of-mind that will help you sink your feet deeper into your life’s purpose.

Plant Ally: Purple Haze—calming, to help you navigate work changes with ease and grace.

Taurus woman illustration


“Friends! How many of us have them? Friends! Ones we can depend on?” will be your song and mantra of the month (shout out to Whodini). You have an incredibly strong disposition and power for days—we know this. But there’s nothing like the support of a friend or a community to help you stand firmly and retain that strength. This month, find common ground with your closest friends and let them lift you up, too.

Plant Ally: Lamb’s Bread—break bread with loved ones and enjoy the shared story of your circle.

Gemini woman illustration


With everything going on in your life and the world right now, there’s nothing more that you need than a good, restful break this month, Gemini. Overextension is not the answer! Spiritually, emotionally, and physically purifying yourself and your living space will be the clean slate you need to feel secure, whole, and balanced this November. Sleep early, say “no” sometimes, drink your water, and watch how much better you feel.

Plant Ally: Mint—refreshing, purifying, cooling, but still spicy—like you.

Cancer woman illustration


Grab a glass, Cancer, and pour some of your favorite wine. It’s turn-up season! Social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t or shouldn’t be social. Let your creativity and inner-child let loose a little bit, and share that with the folks around you. Let the unquenchable search for joy lead you into lots of fun and celebration around you this month.

Plant Ally: Jack Herer—known for being one of the most enlightening, joy-bringing strains around.

Leo woman illustration - horoscopes


Boundaries up, Lion! This month is less about exerting energy in the external world, and settling into the magic that exists in the internal. Creating safety, comfort, and peace in your own body and home is of top priority for you. Take a break from activities and to-do lists and make sure your heart is being taken care of, first and foremost. Then, connect with your most loved of loved-ones.

Plant Ally: Wedding Cake—feels like a fuzzy blanket for the heart.

Virgo woman illustration


What is your story, Virgo? Whether journal, blog, podcast, you need to document your wisdom. What lessons have you learned and messages do you have, that can be shared with the folks around you? You may feel inspired to communicate through the modalities of writing, speaking, and teaching this month, so let that inspiration lead the way –it’s divine.

Plant Ally: Headband—a favorite for writers and thinkers.

Libra woman illustration


Dust off your shoulders, Libra, and fix your face. Mercury finally ends it’s retrograde cycle in your sign and you’re ready to get back on track with what feels right. Let’s take some time to review the last month and gather up any goals that got left by the wayside –they’re ripe for the doing! Put them on the to-do list for this month and you’ll feel like you’re charging forward with more energy than ever.

Plant Ally: Strawberry Cough—a motivator and an incredible uplifting energizer!

Scorpio woman illustration


We’re in the thick of Autumn, Scorpio, and the wind’s whippings and whirlings are all around. Mercury has charged backwards through your sign for the past 3 weeks and is finally settling in, preparing to bring you back from the spiritual depths. What important things have you learned about yourself, over that time? What old values were exchanged for new ones? Think on how you have grown recently and let that inform the rest of your life, from here on out.

Plant Ally: White Widow—Deeply relaxing, and powerfully introspective.

Sagittarius woman illustration


Happy Birthday, Sag Love! This month is about release and reinvention for you. By your birthday, you should be well aware of how this year has created space in your mind and spirit for a new you to emerge. Finish shedding your old layers, and reintroduce yourself to the world in the ways you always wanted to. Give yourself the freedom to change opinions, learn or be something fresh!

Plant Ally: Amnesia Haze—to release the past, and inhale the blessings of the future.

Capricorn woman illustration


No woman is an island, Capricorn…we all need people. Knowing this, make sure you’re hand-in-hand or (Zoom-in-Zoom) with your cultivated friendships. Reach out to people you may feel disconnected from, and check on your friends and co-workers that may need some respite from isolation and offer them a heart-to-heart connection. “We’re all in this together” may be cliché, but clichés are overused for a reason!

Plant Ally: Dos-I-Dos—a lovely, indica-dominant hybrid that opens the heart to sisterhood.

Aquarius woman illustration


Stand on your square, Aquarius! The zipping and zapping, and stopping and starting of the world around you should not stop your own personal and professional mission. Zooming in on your long-term career goals will do so much to keep your head in the game, and out of the absurdity of the general experience. What do you want done by 2021? Focus and get it completed!

Plant Ally: Gorilla OG—to help you focus and muscle through!

Pisces woman illustration


Of all the signs of the zodiac, the word “Psychedelia” is most closely associated with you Pisces, the Mermaid of the cosmos. This month, that experience of mental travel, spiritual experience, and knowing the workings of the universe is amplified exponentially. Use this gust of spiritual inspiration to create, travel (safely, of course), and view thee world from the perspective of someone that’s in it, but not necessarily of it. It’ll feel really, really good, and you deserve it.

Plant Ally: Ghost Train—known for being one of the most psychedelic cannabis varietals known to womankind!

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