Zoom Call With My Patron Saint (Tommy Chong, Spirituality & End of Life Emotions)

CANNABIS CULTURE – I was so excited the afternoon I was told that I would get to interview Tommy Chong.

I immediately sat down and started coming up with specific questions so as to maximize my time with this legend. I was so meticulous and had all my sample questions prepared for my editor and Tommy’s manager Jon-Paul and sent back to them within a couple hours. Awesome questions if I do say so myself but they were not to be. I tried not to fret while waiting the days for this monumental interview but did anyway.

How was I gonna use this fantastic opportunity to speak for cannabis advocacy to reach others? How? How do I not screw it up?

The Interview finally started after scrambling with Zoom and the different time zones to make sure I didn’t mess it up in the last five minutes before the interview.

STRESS !! Zoom connected and I was looking into the face of Tommy Chong the patron saint of ganja. Big Smile on his face. The interview changed right there.

I had been wanting to do this interview for the power of Tommy’s voice to help me with reaching others for the sake of cannabis advocacy. What happened was my “end of life emotions” I hadn’t really dealt with yet for myself and my Parkinson’s was opened kindly by a saint. I began to deal with them right there on zoom in that moment with Tommy still smiling.

I was the one who got reached first and I hope the reader follows behind me on this grammatical journey. I have needed to deal with my own racing mortality for a couple years. I unexpectedly began dealing right there with my chat with Tommy.

He knew my Parkinson’s story and through an hour of conversation he comforted and reassured me of the divinity in all of us and to not be afraid. Amazing experience for me.

Terrified is how I’ve felt for several years now since my diagnosis…terrified that dying with Parkinson’s was the worst possible way to go. Loss of my mind and control of my body. Helplessness and mindlessness. My pride destroyed as someone changes my diaper.

The Patron Saint reminded me we will all go through this and it’s a natural thing to happen and there are greater things waiting for us (me) down the spiritual road. A message of faith and hope from a saint…for the little guy. Looking him in the eye I believe he spoke the truth. Each word was…truth and compassion for me and others. Seek to accept and understand daily where we are in the day itself and our lives for the future.

Tommy reminded me since we must all face this thing called mortality anyway so we should do it together and help each other. I asked him further about his health struggles with rectal cancer and always upbeat he told me he was grateful for his life and his ability to reach others lives. He told me it was meant to be that I meet him today so he could impart a very special kind of wisdom. A wisdom founded on the very simple and complicated word…Love.

As we spoke I began to feel more calm and less anxiety about meeting…the man himself. Tommy effortlessly discussed his cancer diagnosis and the health battles he’s fought for many years.

He began to speak of mans purpose for being here and being here for others in our paths as we go through this journey and prepare for the next transition. Every subject he touched on was underlined with love for your fellow human being. To help and guide others. “Chuck..find a way to laugh and love the guy who just cut you off in traffic” so said the Saint.

Tommy spoke of the difficulties of being poor when he was young and living paycheck to paycheck with his father being a truck driver. He continued to speak of his life’s journey and how a family member came into his family’s life and changed it dramatically with financial resources. Part of his journey and we all have one. Embrace and accept.

That the whole big breath of life is a journey that we must learn from in order to progress in this galaxy that is each of us…the human spirit. The eternal spirit.

He brought me calm and comfort when he told me that eternal spirits don’t get lost they just move on in a natural progression to the next state of spiritual existence. The sincere and compassionate face always smiling at me and my wife during the interview and in the midst of all the seriousness he was still funny. It was hot in his office so he took off his jacket during the interview and did a pretend strip tease as he took off the jacket. So freaking funny. Yep…I was bouncing in my seat with silly and happy at the same time.

The interview was an objective look into the human spirit and what we can and must overcome in order to advance in this eternal existence. It was also about acceptance of our lives challenges and understanding that losing the battle for mortality doesn’t mean we loose the battle of eternal existence and progression in our existence.

The Saint also spoke of an author named Emmet Fox and to seek out his books to help with spiritual acceptance and guidance. I’m real sure im gonna do just that. He explained that his books would tie together what he had been telling me.

So you the reader and I will continue this journey and article together as I seek to recant and understand the words from Tommy. To better understand where we are now is to seek the divinity in all of us and to see beyond our “for the moment fears”…to see the big picture.

Beyond pain and frustration to a point of pure acceptance as we transition from this mortal life to the next existence. Steps not to be feared…embraced as the next step. Don’t fear the unknown but embrace the known.

It is my prayer that you the reader will get as much cathartic healing as I have from my conversation with the Saint. That to truly accept a situation you can’t change and to understand that’s what happening to me is as natural as the rain falling. To find real peace with it.

To know that those that really love you understand your physical failings and the only person being really hard on me is me. To hear this truth you must truly listen and have incentive in your heart, a desire to hear and apply the wisdom.

Tommy mentioned Christ several times in the essence of love and Christs words and what power lies within them. Now I didn’t say the power of the mega-church…I said the power of Christs words. Big difference. I am sure the reader understands the significant difference between the two.

To seek each day to be closer to the divine in preparation for transition and finding peace with it. Real pure peace. This peace can be found with living with acceptance of dying. Tommy helped me begin to face my advancing mortality with compassion and kind eyes.

So, this article was supposed to be meticulous with questions and answers. One more step in my advocacy. What I got from the Interview and what I learned will forever touch my spirit and was nothing like I thought it would be and that’s…..awesome. Awesome for my spirit to be uplifted by another human being…that just happened to be a saint.

We ended the conversation with Tommy thanking me for my advocacy for cannabis and me thanking him for all he’s done to progress education for and about cannabis. An interview I pray I will remember for a long time.

So, can this article really make a difference as ive passed along Tommy’s wisdom? Like myself and my need for acceptance for a healthier existence…I’ve been looking for answers. How do I deal with this pain? True Acceptance. Not really complicated if you diligently apply his words of wisdom matched with your own desire to reach a higher plane of understanding.

Yes, it was truly a conversation with a saint….The patron saint of ganja.

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