Radiko Holdings Appoints Jeff Malinovitz and Clyde Story as Cultivator for Carson City Facility

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Radiko Holdings Corp. (CSE: RDKO) (the “Company“) announced its selection of Jeff Malinovitz and Clyde Story as Cultivator for the Carson City facility. Following the Company’s 9/3/20 announcement of its expansion and optimization plan for this facility, the Cultivator will play a key role in managing the multi-phased expansion, overseeing genetics selection and overall cultivation operations, as well as manufacturing, marketing and sales of final product.

Malinovitz and Story are extremely well-known industry veterans widely regarded as top-shelf, award winning cannabis growers. Together, they have won more awards in the flower category than any other cultivator. Their product expertise also includes producing remarkable concentrates and extracts which have similarly won numerous industry accolades.

Commenting on the partnership with Radiko Holdings, Jeff Malinovitz stated, “We are excited about the near-term potential for the Carson City facility to produce premium product in a promising market, as well as the longer term view to significantly expand the operation. Together, with the Radiko team, we believe we can quickly create added value to this facility and make it a key asset in the portfolio.”

Steve Gormley, CEO of the Company, commented: “I have worked with Jeff Malinovitz for the past 8 years and cannot think of a better suited cultivation team than Jeff, Clyde and their team for this task at hand. Jeff is that rare talent who brings the science and creative together to create world class product, and also possesses practical skills necessary to run a successful business. This team is often cited among the who’s who of cannabis and, by nearly anyone in the industry, credited as one of the top cultivators in the business.”

About Radiko Holdings

Radiko Holdings Corp. (RDKO) is a CBD and cannabis-focused brand portfolio, leveraging the potential of the plant by offering best of breed products that naturally complement today’s consumer lifestyles. The Corporation’s mission is to build and market a diversified portfolio of cannabis and CBD brands, with strategic manufacturing and distribution partnerships to support better EBITDA and margins. RDKO markets products with THC content where that practice has been legalized at the state level through either medicinal or recreational use. RDKO also markets products containing CBD in the US and internationally. The Corporation believes as the legal cannabis and CBD markets evolve, high-quality, unique products will increasingly capture market share and provide a valuable platform for growth.

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