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IHF LLC is a Colorado-based firm that offers products with the latest formulas and processing actions. A recent article explains Cannabinol’s features (aka CBN) and how anecdotal evidence points to its helpful effects on getting restful sleep.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO / ACCESSWIRE / September 28, 2020 / Industrial Hemp Farms is pleased to announce that the company has made some changes and improvements to the CBN Oil formula. The goal of the changes is to improve the effectiveness of the product to serve as a route to restful and natural sleep. A recent discovery about the timing of the harvest has led to a notable increase in the percentage of CBN achieved during the processing.

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of unique cannabinoids, of which CBN is just one. Cannabis is the only known plant on earth that has the compounds. Because of the small amount of CBN in an average strain of cannabinoid, CBN has often considered a minor cannabinoid with just one percent of the total mass. Studies have determined an easy method for bumping up the CBN content: they only harvest the plants after the peak of the growing season.

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CBN is formed as a byproduct of oxidized THC. The longer the plant has to mature, the higher the content of CBN. So, leaving the plant to go past its prime results in less THC and more CBN. In the past, most growers were interested in making the THC as high as possible, since this is the compound that leads to euphoria. The indication of dominant CBN is the appearance of the trichomes. When the hair-like fibers are white, THC is high. Once the CBN is the chief ingredient, the trichomes turn orangish-brown.

At present, the demand for the product is limited, so the prices tend to be high. A tiny vial can cost as much as one hundred dollars. As more people use the product for sleep aid, prices are likely to drop. Until supply and demand come into equilibrium, the prices are likely to remain high.


IHF LLC is a Colorado-based company focused on the acquisition, development, production, and distribution of THC, CBD, and derivatives such as Cannabinol Oil and Cannabidiol Oil.


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