Delta 8 – CBC

Delta 8 and CBC combine to make for an incredible cannabinoid experince. Similar to your typical full-spectrum cannabis extract, we found after numerous months of testing, and countless different formulations, that this combination and ratio worked best for the desired effects. These two cannabinoids work togeather to greatly increase the stability and harmony of the experience. After numerous reviews from our peers, the overwhelming feedback seems to be a looseing of the mind, body, and spirit, allowing one to enter into a more creative state, oftern referred to as a “flow state”.

From Leafly.. “An analogue of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with antiemetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulating, analgeis, and neuroprotective properties. Delta 8 THC binds to the cannabinoid G-protein coupled receptor CB1, located in the central nervous sytem. This agent exhibits a lower psychotropics potenty then Delta 9 THC, the primary form of THC found in cannabis.”

! Do not attempt to drive or operate heavy machinery while using this product ! Please use with cauation as you would with any other cannabis (hemp) derrived product.

Hemp derived Delta 8 THC is non-psychoactive and legal to sell and ship nationwide according to the 2014-2018 US Farm Bill. This product contains NO d9 THC.

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