Containment orders

Fresh zone
q From MUDA Housing Complex and Field Residency Inn in the West upto the house of Robina Thangkhiew bounded by Municipal drain in the East at Lumpyllon, Lower Mawprem
q North from the house of Imosila Sohtun and Daphi Marbaniang upto the house of Rosa Kharbamon and Darisha Kharbamon in the South bounded by Municipal drain at Lumpyllon, Lower Mawprem
q House of Om Prakash, Rapsang Building at Keating Road
q Quarters of Sanjay Biswa, Suresh Singh, Dinesh Pradhan and Ramashray Prajapati behind the Raj Bhavan campus
q House of Solinda Challam and Amelia Rymbai at Qualapatty
Order lifted
q Compound of SG Esmatur, Satbas Cottage at Nongrimmaw Block-B
q State Bank of India RASMECC, 2nd Floor Shillong
q Staff Quarters behind the Raj Bhavan campus, Shillong
q House of Neelam Gaur at Goenka Compound, Mawlonghat
q Income Tax Quarters, Type-2, Quarter No-4 at Keating Road
q House of Nausib Rai at Lower Maxwelton Estate
q House of Verlette Marbaniang, Bishnupur, Near Sunny Girls Hostel
q Top Floor of the Building of Mildalin Mawiong, Bishnupur, Old Kench’s Trace, Near Surbathiang
q Entire JB Textile Building, Police Bazar
q House of D. Lyngdoh Nongpiur, Lawsohtun Block 6
q House of BL Nongpiur, Madan Laban (Rum), Shillong
q Quarter occupied by the Pharmacist, D. Pakyntein within the compound of Laban State Dispensary

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