Australia – NSW: State Labor MP Pushes For Cannabis Deciminalization

An interesting development in NSW as a state senator Rose Jackson calls for cannabis to be decriminalised in the state

Key Points

  • Ms Jackson’s comments contradict her party’s official stance on marijuana use
  • The NSW MP said cannabis was no more harmful than tobacco or alcohol
  • Labor leader said backbenchers were entitled to their own personal views


The Mail in Australia reports…

New South Wales Labor MP Rose Jackson told parliament on September 23 legalising the drug would be ‘economically sensible’.

She argued that the state should follow in the steps of Joe Biden in the US, contradicting Opposition Leader Jodi McKay.

‘Over 33 countries have decriminalised or legalised cannabis and if Joe Biden wins the US election all of America will have decriminalised cannabis,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

Meanwhile, Ms Mckay told The Daily Telegraph the NSW Labor Party ‘does not support decriminalisation of recreational cannabis use’.

Ms Jackson said it was an ‘unbelievable waste’ of police and corrections resources to enforce prohibition on the drug.

Full report at.

It is worth noting that unusually for Australia her stance isn’t your usual political expediency, she tackled all these issues in her maiden speech to state parliament last year

[embedded content]

Here’s her latest comments on the Floor as recorded by Hansard


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