Weed leads to meth y’all

So background is I am at a university becoming a teacher in an illegal state. We had a program come talk to us about how they give parenting classes to people who get their kids taken from them for some reason or another. They said it normally had to do with drugs. I have been a stoner all of my college career, often being high in class. I dont recommend it but I had untreated severe anxiety and depression for the longest time, long story short im not completely dependent anymore. I asked what was the most prevalent drug for our area, they led with meth but circled back to the dreaded gateway drug, Marijuana. They got to talking about how it was SO easy to tell when someone was high, and how bad it was, etc. One woman even said she can always tell and will call people out on it. Im pretty sure I spent my entire sophomore year high off my ass with at least one if not two classes with most of these people every day. I had to bite my tounge because all I wanted to be in that moment was a smartass. So here I am sharing this because sometimes you forget how much other people have been taught to demonize a drug. Dont forget, the one who said she’s called people out and that weed is so scary bad, also bragged about how you could never take her wine away. The double standards were ridiculous and I was fuming on the inside.

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