How to Relieve Cramps With Natural Remedies

Period Cramps are the worst, and almost all women have to suffer through them. While the natural body cycle is a good thing when the cramps hit, it sure doesn’t seem like it. Thankfully, if you’re wondering how to relieve cramps, there are natural remedies that can help relieve the unbearable pain so you can try to go about your day. If you don’t suffer from cramps, count yourself lucky, but at the same time, educate yourself.

How to Relieve Cramps Naturally

There are plenty of things that help with cramps. But not all of them are good for you. We love all natural solutions for our body’s problems, and these are some of the best.

Get a Massage

Massage therapy is great for many ailments, including menstrual cramps. A study found that massage therapy considerably reduced menstrual pain for women who have endometriosis.

Massages should focus on the abdominal area for the greatest relief; however, a full-body massage can also calm the body and reduce stress. Diluting pure essential oils and adding them to the massage can also help reduce inflammation and provide extra relief.


If you ask someone how to relieve cramps, you’re probably not expecting to hear exercise. After all, when they’re bad, you barely want to get out of bed.

However, studies show that aerobic exercise significantly reduces the severity of menstrual cramps. Activities such as yoga, walking, and other light aerobics help release endorphins, which can help to ease pain and boost your mood.

Apply Heat

Heat can help relax your muscles and relieve the tension of muscle cramps. A study found that applying heat to the abdomen for menstrual cramps was just as effective as taking ibuprofen, and a lot better for you.

There are several things that help with cramps by utilizing heat. One of the most popular ways is to sit or lay down with a heating pad on your stomach. However, you can also take a hot shower or relax in a bath with some all natural bath bombs.

Eat Things That Help With Cramps

There are plenty of foods that can help relieve the pain of menstrual cramps. Foods high in anti-inflammatory properties and low in sugar can promote relaxation and reduce pain.

If you were looking for an excuse to eat chocolate, you’re in luck. Dark chocolate is full of magnesium, and a study found that magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D deficiency contribute to increased menstrual pain. So dig into that chocolate, it might help your cramps, and it will definitely help your mood.

Another great food for relieving menstrual cramps is fish. A study found that omega-3s can reduce period pain, as well as depression. Fish is one of the best sources for omega-3s, and if you don’t like fish, taking fish oil supplements is a great way to boost your omega-3s.

Take CBD

CBD has a plethora of benefits and is one of the best natural remedies for menstrual cramps. Full spectrum CBD can help relieve a variety of ailments that come along with cramps, including anxiety.

Taking CBD for inflammation is extremely beneficial, as several studies have shown. Reducing inflammation can significantly reduce the pain of menstrual cramps. Whether you’re taking a CBD oil tincture or rubbing a CBD balm on your sore, cramping muscles, if you’re looking for things that help with cramps, look for CBD products.

Use Natural Remedies For Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps suck, but they don’t have to prevent you from living your life. Now that you know how to relieve cramps, you can keep on thriving like usual. These natural remedies for menstrual cramps will help reduce your pain and continue to be the amazing woman you are.

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