Green Roads Sleepy Z’s Gummies – 750mg

Green Roads Sleepy Z’s Gummies combined 25mg of CBD isolate and 5mg of melatonin to help you rest. Gummies are a light blackberry flavor, making it a great treat about an hour before bed. These gummies are part of the Green Roads sleep line, which also includes CBD+CBN Oil, Sleep Capsules, and even Night Doses.

You can read more about CBD For Sleep in our blog article.

How can CBD Gummies help me?

There are many reasons people take CBD, either for general health purposes on a daily basis or to deal with certain health challenges. These often include anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sciatica or other nerve pain, trouble sleeping, skin conditions, tendonitis, and many more. In addition to the CBD, these gummies include melatonin which support a more natural sleep cycle.

How and When to Take the Green Roads Sleepy Z’s:

Because anything you eat has to go through your stomach and liver digestive processes, it can take up to an hour or more until it begins to hit your bloodstream. Take these an hour or two before bed for best results. You don’t need to worry about taking anything with them, they taste great and are very mild. You can check out our CBD dosage guide for information about how many you might need to take. It is normally recommended to take 1-2 gummies at first depending on your bodyweight, tolerance and level of need. Some people may find 3-4 may be needed. CBD is not addictive and is nothing like a prescription sedative.

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