Real talk, I’m just realizing, do skinny people not stay as high as more heavier people? Since THC metabolites are stored in fat. Because I’m a twig & I need a hit every 30 min.. and wondered why my bro could stay high longer with the same amount, since he smokes more then me.

I’m 5’9 F & weigh 115lbs. My bro is 6’1 weighs prob like 200lbs. He smokes right before work, right after work & then few hits then bed. On days off, he’s high from dusk til dawn. I smoke starting around 1pm-6pm, and then I take maybe 3-8 hits the whole day (I have shitty bud atm so that’s why I smoke up to 8 bong rips)

I burn out within an hour, while he can stay high for hours. Even when we dab, he’s like stoned for hours, where as it never lasts longer then 2 hours, that’s never happened for weed with me lol.

Do you think I really do just metabolize it so quickly, like that instantly? I mean not like totally leave my body, I just mean feeling high.

I just hate having to use so much weed lol , not cool.

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