I finally tried medical marijuana. Woah. Gummies 3mg THC and 10mg CBD. I feel human again.

HAHAHAHAH No dude. I had a high tolerance smoking all day everyday and couldnt get high on dispensary 200mg in edibles. So i went online and did a edible dosage calculator. 5 grams of 20% thc bud. But i weighed it after grinding it down to a fine powder, so like 7 grams before removing stem an all that. Added lecithin (its sopposed to make it hit faster and harder) I literally cried that night. Stomach hurt so bad like i was bloated, when i moved it felt like all my ligaments were doing the work, and i was kinda panicking. Everyone reacts differently so you might enjoy it but damn, i dont do over 300mg now with lecithin.

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