Litmus test for the ANC Integrity Commission is how it deals with vote buying allegations – IOL

Champ Sipuru

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, this well-known phrase keeps on popping into my mind when I think about the Integrity Commission.

En route to the 53rd ANC National Conference at Mangaung in 2012, I was and still remain a strong proponent of the establishment of this commission. It is imperative to understand and remain focused on why there was a need to establish an ANC Integrity Commission.

The 53rd National Conference reaffirmed the preceding National General Council (NGC) Resolution on the setting up of Integrity Commissions at all levels of the organisation, and declared: “More urgent steps should be taken to protect the image of the organisation and enhance its standing in society by ensuring, among others, that urgent action is taken to deal with public officials, leaders and members of the ANC who face damaging allegations of improper conduct. In addition, measures should be put in place to prevent abuse of power or office for private gain or factional interests.”

The aims of the commission were always rightly to protect the integrity of the African National Congress (ANC) from within, and without, as an organisation that upholds the values of integrity and honour.


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