trying to give up alchohol but dont want to give up weed

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so im super casual user. not even weekly. have been heavy drinker for years. hit somenreally stressful days/weeks and my anxiety went through the roof. ultimately stopped drinking, feels like a good start this time as no typical patterns reemerging where i forget that i wanted to quit then end up drinking and regretting in the AM, then once PM..well its ok tonight; basically id drink to numb then wake up swimming in the anxious feelings. the weed i have is very potent (in my experience), no idea of the strain but two pulls on a joint and soon im zoned out, lkke looking at a clock and blinking feels like 2 minites past.

anyways to dial it down? i can get my head overthinking so i still kinda want to keep weed as an option but dont want to get destroyed for the night.

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