Note from 1 mod: try to be vaguely civil, understand that other have different opinions, don't report people just because you disagree

aerial photography of high-rise building

Hi folks! Per most of reddit this sub is highly USA-biased and due to the impending election we’re seeing a flood of political posts, which is fine. That said, there are a few things I/we would like y’all to keep in mind:

  1. Rule 2: Be Civil. At least try to debate points not people. Cussing like a sailor on some internet forum won’t help your guy win, and more importantly it’ll likely get your post deleted by automod. Automod is our best friend, btw.

  2. Rule 2: Be Civil. If you ARE going to get into a flamewar with someone, for goodness sake don’t BOTH OF YOU spam the ‘report’ button, trying to get the other guy deleted. At least have the integrity to both be jerks to each other without crying for momma.

  3. Rule 1: This is spam! There have been a few posters genuinely spamming junk blogs recently, and – as ever – we’re hugely grateful for everyone who reports these posts and brings them to our attention so that we can try to keep the sub nice. However, folks, please can ya not report every article as spam simply because it doesn’t interest you? Remember there is already a REALLY robust moderation system which doesn’t require moderation, and it’s called “nobody cares”. Weak content won’t get upvoted and will die in /new. If it doesn’t break the rules but it’s weak lame… so be it. Again though: thank you to everyone who reports – your care for quality of the sub has a material effect ON the quality of the sub, I promise you.


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