CBD Shown To Be Effective In Treating The Elderly

CBD Shown To Be Effective In Treating The Elderly

Appspensary is a digital cannabis dispensary that is providing a range of services to its clientele in the marijuana industry. The website of the company advertises it as a platform that is tailored and branded for marijuana related businesses. This makes it one of the first online platforms to make a move in this direction.

The customer base of Appspensary includes all those cannabis sellers who wish to establish an online connection with their purchasers. In addition to establishing this association, there is a lot more that this platform has to offer.

The company’s banking technology enables it to freely broadcast its association with cannabis organizations. This has eradicated the need of any referral premises for financial transactions. Its strong ties with financial institutions gives the company an undeniable edge over its competitors.

Marijuana companies using Appspensary can also expect to have technological liberties. They can make changes in their menu items, daily specials, merchandise and reward items. It streamlines a simple ordering process for cannabis purchasers and allows the companies to keep track of all orders.

“At our company, we see that technology is going to be at the forefront of the communication between dispensary and consumer and [we’re] just trying to streamline that as simple as possible,” says CEO & Co-Founder of Appspensary Jonathan Bachanov.

What does this mean for the cannabis industry?

With cannabis vending machines already making their debuts in the states of Colorado and Massachusetts, entrepreneurs are sensing how fast the marijuana industry can change with more and more legalization in sight.

Introducing further technology in the cannabis industry is a move which will have a significant impact on its operation.

Due to a tight implementation of regulations on the industry, stakeholders are expecting a completely new technology in this niche.

According to Jonathan Bachanov, “Cannabis is very unique when it comes to the way the business is done with the metrics, with the compliance and going into the POS systems. I don’t really see that carrying over as much in other industries. But with certain frameworks and as it gets more leniency on the legalization I feel that there is going to be more crossover of technology.”

Why does the cannabis industry need technology?

The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference was held virtually very recently to discuss the future of the cannabis industry.

Participants included Appspensary, Greenbits, Flourish Software, and Tilt Holdings. All stakeholders agreed to the fast approaching ”full-bloom” of the cannabis industry in the United States. This means that the future will see a lot of more uses of marijuana other than the conventional medicinal and recreational uses.

With these innovations coming to sight, the cannabis industry will need to be on top of technology to meet accelerations in demand.

“Sitting on 1 million acres of hemp and being able to supply and meet the demands of the auto industry, the construction industry … the only way we’re going to be able to cleanse the environment and reduce our carbon footprint is through hemp.” said Thomas, the vice chairman and CEO of One WorldPharma Inc.

Appspensary is already trying to move in the right direction. In addition to the technological advancements discussed earlier, it has also promoted cashless payments. This is a big advancement towards digitization of the cannabis industry.

The unexpected eruption of the global pandemic has further stressed the need of incorporating technology into different business models. With widespread lock downs, only the businesses that had a digitized support system are thriving today.

Technology that gives businesses to operate with flexibility and ease will take the cannabis industry to new heights.

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