A Beginner’s Guide To CBD: What It Is And Where To Find CBD Products In Hong Kong

Tatler Hong Kong reports on the arrival of CBD into the city

We chat with Denise Tam, founder of Hong Kong’s CBD lifestyle brand Heavens Please, to learn more about her brand and why CBD can potentially benefit our health
The buzz around CBD (aka cannabidiol) is picking up momentum in Hong Kong’s beauty and wellness scenes and it shows no sign of slowing down. For the unacquainted, CBD is known as a chemical compound that can be found in both in both hemp and cannabis plants—one of the hottest trends in cannabis that already made evident by the headlines in America a few years ago.

Often touted as a magical elixir with a wide range of applications in personal care and food industry, CBD comes in many different forms, including oils, balms, serums, and even gummies, beers and coffees. You’ve also likely been hearing its many wonderful health benefits… but how exactly does it work, and does it even legal in Hong Kong? We talk to Denise Tam, founder of Hong Kong’s pioneering CBD brand Heavens Please, who shares the story behind her brand and tips on how to incorporate the powerful ingredient into our wellness routine.

You’re not only the founder of Heavens Please, but also the co-founder of Oh CBD Beer—Asia’s first CBD beer brand. What drove you to start your businesses in the CBD field?  

I had always been interested in plants—their magical and therapeutic uses fascinate me. My partner Terry and I came across the genus species Cannabis Sativa and we learnt about the entheogenic use of cannabis. I was experiencing anxiety and depression at that time and I found CBD especially effective in alleviating these symptoms. We then went on to do more research and started introducing CBD to our friends and families, and we have also seen great results on everyone in improving their quality of life.

After investigating local laws and regulations, we decided to bring CBD to Hong Kong because it is a wonderful compound that we see great opportunities in making people’s lives better. As the world and the public has an increasing awareness of sustainable living and steering away from traditional pharmaceuticals to sought for a more natural alternative way of healing, we think it was the right time to introduce phytocannabinoids to Hong Kong. We all need something to elevate our stress and cope with what is happening in life, it was some of the most difficult times we endure here back in 2019.

What are the biggest myths about CBD?  

One of the biggest myths about CBD is that it is not a cure-all. CBD and other phytocannabinoids can work through our ECS (endocannabinoid system) to balance our bodily systems and help us adapt to stress, but there’s no such thing as tuning your health back to homeostasis immediately after using it once in a while. CBD has to be consumed with an appropriate amount continuously for maximum benefits, just like any kind of health supplements.

Also, for people who are dealing with serious health issues, they should always consult a doctor and remind themselves not to be over-dependent on CBD. We love CBD’s powerful benefits, but it should be treated more as a tool to understand and improve our own wellbeing

What messages are you looking to promote with your brands for CBD?

We aim to promote the inclusive use of plants through our brands, to help modern-day people to reconnect with nature, learn to make conscious lifestyle choices and nurture our body as a whole, including the spirituality. We’re also hoping to promote that all plants are equal in value, that they can heal us and provide most of our daily necessities and essential nutrients when being used correctly.

Raising the environmental awareness of the public is another goal that we want to achieve through promoting the use of hemp-made products like clothes, paper, plastic and building materials. Hemp is the only plant that can provide all our necessities while healing the planet, and we hope to transform and elevate people’s wellness ritual while bringing more positivity to the world.

Source:  https://hk.asiatatler.com/life/guide-to-cannabidiol-cbd-wellness-products-hong-kong

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