House of Alchemy LLC d/b/a CBD Dog Health: The answers to your questions

Interested in CBD for your dog?

Maybe you already bought it and don’t know what to do next?

This is where we come in … to answer all your burning questions and make you the best pet parent you can be! 

So, today I’ve collected the top 3 questions and concerns I get almost every day – along with our team’s detailed answers for you.

1. Does CBD elevate liver enzymes?

We get asked this almost every other day from customers, retailers, and even some professionals.

Plus, we’re not the only ones being asked this … 

Because of recent studies, the FDA, mainstream media, and other professionals have gotten involved! 

To find out the truth, I consulted the country’s TOP holistic veterinarians (and did a little digging myself) to answer this question.  

2. How to administer CBD?

You’ve probably heard us say this a million times, but getting the CBD into the pet’s gums is 100% the best and most effective way of doing it. 

But I get it, for some pets, that’s like asking you to wrestle an alligator …

Well luckily, there are other ways to give CBD to our pets! 

Whether it’s the pet’s gums, ears, or food, know EXACTLY how to give CBD.

3. Is diarrhea a symptom from CBD?

We’ve noticed a couple customers come to us concerned about “the runs” when giving CBD oil to their pet. 

So, we wanted to freshen things up. 

Now I want to be clear – CBD and Hemp extract is extremely safe and beneficial for dogs and cats.

But, just like introducing a new food to your own diet, sometimes … sh!t happens. 

Get the top tips & tricks to help our pets in these messy situations. 

Stay safe, 

CBD Dog Health 

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