Is CBD dangerous for dogs?

Is CBD dangerous for dogs?

Recently, the news website WRDW reported that two dogs died after taking CBD treats. But is this true? Is CBD dangerous for dogs? Let’s take a look at all the facts.

Here’s What We Know from the Article

The article states that Dorina Phillips had two rescue dogs, Phoebe (2.5pounds) and Hannah (weight unknown).

It then says that Dorina gave Hannah a treat to help her with anxiety and she did calm down. The next day, Dorina gave Hannah a second treat and saw her “a little too calm”. By morning, Hannah and Phoebe were ill and unable to walk properly.

Dorina took the dogs to the vet, who said Phoebe had heart problems and had to be euthanized. Hannah remains sick at the time of the article’s publication.

The vet states this is an adverse reaction to ingesting CBD. A second vet also claimed this was a case of CBD overdose, leading many to believe that CBD is dangerous for dogs.

Our Analysis: Is CBD dangerous for dogs?

Please note, we are not vets or experts, and one should consult trained medical professionals in all matters such as these, however, there are some things to point out.

  1. Nowhere in the article does it state that Dorina gave Phoebe a CBD treat. This is an important fact. While perhaps one can presume that both dogs were given a treat, it’s not explicitly mentioned.
  2. The first night Hannah took the treat, she was fine. Dorina gave her dogs the treats nightly. According to this article, a human would have to take roughly 20,000mg in a short period of time for it to become toxic. If the average human is 150 pounds, that would be about 133 milligrams per pound. If Hannah took 5 milligrams of CBD, she was taking nowhere near that much CBD.
  3. Were the CBD labels right? Though the dog treats were said to have 5 milligrams of CBD per treat, we know from a myriad of incidents, that many CBD products don’t actually have the amount of CBD they advertise.
  4. The CBD was said to be full-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD typically has THC in it, which is not advisable for dogs. THC is a psychoactive compound that could have adverse effects on a dog. Is it possible that rather than a CBD overdose, the dogs had THC-induced health problems? Possibly.
  5. There was no toxicology report. This is one of the most important things to note about this article. Though two vets have claimed that the dogs died of CBD overdose, this was based on conjecture rather than fact. Without a toxicology report, it’s not possible to truly say if the dogs died because of CBD or THC – or something completely different. Seeing as the two dogs lived together, it’s entirely possible that they both ate or were exposed to something else that made them sick.


While it’s important to always be aware of any emerging news about CBD, it’s also important to remain calm and analyze the facts. The story about Hannah and Phoebe is truly heartbreaking – no pups should have to suffer like that. However, the cause of their suffering and Phoebe’s untimely death still remains a mystery. 

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