There’s been a main casualty in the marijuana globe. Do not worry—Willie Nelson is not dead. But apparently, his longstanding and most infamous hobby is.

According to Nelson himself, the legendary nation music star and globe-well-known toker is no longer puffing the green. Yes, you study that correctly—Willie Nelson quit smoking weed.

The Finish of an Era?

The 86-year-old Nelson—who is presently nevertheless on tour— told San Antonio tv station KSAT that he stopped smoking cannabis since of breathing challenges.

“I have abused my lungs very a bit in the previous, so breathing is a tiny a lot more hard these days and I have to be cautious. I do not smoke anymore—take greater care of myself.”

Nelson not too long ago performed at the CMAs alongside fellow nation star Kelly Musgraves, and it looked like he was laboring very a bit. He also had to cease touring back in August due to overall health challenges, just before returning to the stage just a month later.

It was even rumored at a single point that he was close to death. Nelson basically corroborated that notion.

“I began smoking cedar bark, went from that to cigarettes to what ever,” Nelson told KSAT. “And that just about killed me.”

Fortunately, the nation megastar has created important adjustments to his life-style, namely, when it comes to any kind of smoking.

“I do not smoke any longer — take greater care of myself,” Nelson mentioned.

The fantastic news—well at least for several Nelson loyalists out there—is that the musician has only quit smoking flower. Nelson told Rolling Stone that he nevertheless consumes THC frequently, only now by means of mediums that are significantly less intense on the lungs like vaping and edibles.

Other Notable Celebrities to Quit Smoking Pot

There have been lots of other notable celebrities who have lengthy been synonymous with the green and decided to take an indefinite sabbatical.

Most notably, actor Woody Harrelson, who stopped smoking marijuana back in 2017 soon after what he known as a “30 strong years of partying.” Harrelson smoked cannabis on the normal just before providing it up abruptly.

Ironically, Harrelson not too long ago began smoking once again, courtesy of, you guessed it, Willie Nelson himself. Harrelson told Esquire Magazine that he took a giant rip off of Willie Nelson’s vape pen soon after a friendly poker game.

Harrelson’s rekindled enjoy for cannabis is apparently now in complete swing. He’s presently in the attempting to open his personal marijuana dispensary in Hawaii. Sadly, that hasn’t definitely gone according to program, as Harrelson’s application was not too long ago denied. Much better luck subsequent time, Woody.

Singer, songwriter, and actress Miley Cyrus also took a brief—and newsworthy—break from cannabis back in 2017. She claimed that smoking brought on also mcuh “munching at household and playing video games.”

Fortunately, the infamous celebration girl’s mother intervened final year, and she is now back to toking every single now and once again. Phewf.

Even Snoop Dogg— the Doggfather of cannabis, if you will—allegedly took his personal break from smoking pot back in 2002. But maybe a not-so-significantly-of-a-Spoiler-Alert: that didn’t final all that lengthy. He even has a salaried blunt roller for crying out loud.

The moral of the story right here is: persons cease smoking weed all of the time. But they adapt. And almost certainly comprehend there are way worse items that they can be carrying out to pass the time. So they may as effectively pass the blunt.



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