Marijuana has been utilized by several unique civilizations for various unique purposes, like its use for health-related indications. Lately, there has been important media coverage of the efficacy of health-related  marijuana in the therapy of seizures in youngsters with Dravet syndrome, and this has led several to search for other doable pediatric indications for cannabinoids, like several unique indications in pediatric cancer. Having said that, there is pretty tiny proof on security or efficacy of cannabinoids in youngsters becoming treated with cancer. This commentary accompanies a current paper by a group in Israel who have published their expertise of health-related  marijuana in 50 youngsters and adolescents with cancer, displaying exceptional satisfaction and superior symptom handle, and with no important adverse drug reactions. This study from Israel is an exceptional initial step, but potential effectively-developed trials of health-related  marijuana in pediatric oncology are urgently necessary.

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PMID: 31402734 DOI: 10.1080/08880018.2019.1651805



Rod Rassekh S1.