Make Your Gift Giving Unique This Year with CBD Gift Ideas


Want to give thoughtful and unique gifts this holiday season that will be remembered and appreciated? CBD gifts make it easy for you to become a trend-setting gift giver even when you don’t have much time to spare.


1. CBD (Cannabidiol) Rules the Holiday Gifts Space
2. What You Need to Know About CBD
     a.) Commonly Asked Questions About CBD
           a1.) Is CBD Psychoactive?
           a2.) Is CBD Legal?
           a3.) Is it Safe to Use?
3. Why You Should be Giving CBD Gifts
4. What to Look Out for When You Buy CBD Oil or Tincture
     a.) Extracted from Organically Farmed Hemp
     b.) What Is the Extraction Process?
     c.) Vet the Vendor
     d.) Choose Full Spectrum CBD
5. Thoughtful CBD Gift Ideas for The Holiday Season
     a.) Help Your Friends Weave CBD Wellness Products into Their Daily Lives
     b.) CBD Beauty Products for Skin Health
     c.) Delicious CBD Edibles for Foodies Close to Your Heart
     d.) For the Pet Owners Among Your Friends
6. In a Nutshell

CBD (Cannabidiol) Rules the Holiday Gifts Space

In a Forbes article [1], Katie Shapiro suggests CBD gifts to pamper your favorite people or treat yourself to get through the stress of the holidays:

CBD is still reigning supreme as the queen ingredient in the wellness world right now and for good reason. When used as a supplement or in beauty products, the benefits of the wunderkind cannabis compound range from promoting an overall sense of calm to aiding sleep to soothing skin issues.”

What You Need to Know About CBD

The Ramshackle Glam [2] has a very interesting take on CBD:

“That thing that everyone kiiiiinda thought was a mild form of pot for awhile, and now has become a wellness staple even your grandmother can get on board with.”

CBD is one of the main compounds found in both marijuana and hemp plants—two distinct strains of the Cannabis Sativa family of plants. Plants of this family have been harvested around the world for medicinal and other purposes for thousands of years. The other main compound is THC which is found in larger quantities in marijuana and makes people feel “stoned.”

Hemp-derived CBD typically comes from industrial hemp plants that are very low in THC.

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Commonly Asked Questions About CBD 

1. Is Cannabidiol Psychoactive?

Not in the least. Only THC can alter your state of mind. Other cannabinoids, like CBD, produce no psychoactivity at all, especially when sourced from hemp plants. Hemp-derived CBD oil may contain only 0.3 percent THC [3].

2. Is CBD Legal?

The legality of marijuana continues to be a hot-button issue at the federal level, despite the fact that many states have changed their local laws. But hemp is another issue altogether because it only contains trace amounts of THC. Thankfully, hemp-derived CBD is readily available and is 100% legal in all US states.

3. Is Cannabidiol Safe to Use?

One of the reasons many people have started to incorporate CBD oil into their routine is because it is one of the safest health supplements on the market. It is non-addictive, has no side effects, and can be used safely over prolonged periods, even in higher doses.

CBD oil can add soothing and moisturizing properties to DIY bath and body products, and calming properties to edibles.

Is Cannabidiol Safe to Use?

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Why You Should be Giving CBD Gifts

Jessica Probus, on BuzzFeed [4], gives five compelling reasons why you should buy CBD goodies for your giftees:

  1. CBD is mega on-trend, so you can secure your place as the most forward-thinking gifter (it’s been dubbed “the New Avocado Toast” and “the chemical-equivalent of Bitcoin” — need we say more?)
  2. Many popular CBD products are designed around rituals of self-care — lotions, oils, bath bombs, etc. — which everyone could use a little more of in this hectic season
  3. It’s a great conversation starter that can lead to discussions on the increasing popularity of hemp-derived products, changes in medical and recreational marijuana laws in the US and abroad, and what that could and should mean for criminal justice reform
  4. The packaging is often beautiful, which means you don’t even have to wrap it
  5. If they don’t like it, you can keep it for yourself!

What to Look Out for When You Buy CBD Oil or Tincture

Cannabidiol is increasingly being used by many as an effective supplement, and many more are discovering its healthful powers. A good product will ensure good results, so here’s the lowdown on what constitutes good CBD oils.

1. Extracted from Organically Farmed Hemp

CBD should have been extracted from organically farmed hemp.

Since only hemp-derived CBD oil is federally legal, this is an important distinction. Also, organic farming means that your body won’t be exposed to genetically modified hemp, chemicals found in pesticides, hormones, and the like. These are known carcinogens and can cause other health conditions, such as allergies, etc.

What is the CBD extraction process?

The cheapest CBD extraction processes are also the least pure, and they can leave nasty chemical residue in the extract. Look for a label that says, “CO2 extraction.” This method ensures the purest and most potent CBD extract.

3. Vet the Vendor

Vet the Cannabidiol vendor.

It’s important to do your own vetting of manufacturers and merchandisers. Read the label and the marketing material with discernment, and it will tell you a lot about their integrity as well as the likely quality of the product.

4. Choose Full-Spectrum CBD

Choose full-spectrum CBD.

While a CBD isolate or pure CBD oil won’t be a waste of money, it could pose some dosing challenges. On the other hand, a full-spectrum CBD oil contains mainly CBD extract, a bit of all the healthful compounds in cannabis, and trace amounts of THC. This is important because the law allows for full-spectrum CBD, but with no more than 0.3% THC.

Thoughtful CBD Gift Ideas for The Holiday Season

Help Your Friends Weave CBD Wellness Products into Their Daily Lives

CBD Gifts Help Weave Wellness Products into Daily Lives

While many people do rely on CBD oil for the treatment of very serious diseases and acute health issues, CBD has many benefits that are more widely applicable, even for people who are otherwise considered healthy. As a daily supplement, it offers some serious protection against the daily onslaught of environmental and psychological stressors so common to modern living.

No matter how healthy we are, our mind and body can use a boost of protection from the day to day stressors it faces. Just like taking a daily multivitamin, taking a daily dose of CBD oil offers a sort of safety net for maintaining the health of the mind and body.

How a daily CBD regimen can help

Because of their flexible usability, CBD tinctures are at the top of everyone’s wish list. A great gift for anyone suffering from stress, anxiety, or pain.

With its pain relief properties, CBD topical balm makes a perfect gift for sports people, fitness freaks, seniors and more. CBD attenuates pain, and it does so excellently with topical application. Look for slightly higher-dose CBD creams. Topical products are also a great way to introduce CBD to people who may be skeptical about it but want to give it a try, nevertheless.

For people on-the-go CBD capsules offer a convenient way to get all the benefits of CBD oil without bothering about the flavor or texture of oil.

For more ideas go for vape pens with vaping liquid refills, CBD skin patches for pain relief, and even scented CBD candles.

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CBD Beauty Products for Skin Health

CBD Beauty Products for Skin Health

CBD cosmetics and skincare are touted to be celebrity favorites (fans include Olivia Wilde, Mandy Moore, and Busy Philipps), and high-end ranges increasingly grace shop shelves in sleek designer packaging. To make sure you reap the most of CBD‘s benefits shop for cosmetics with no harsh chemicals and parabens in the list of ingredients. Search for those with a natural oil base and natural colorants.

These days, CBD can be found in a myriad of products, including serums, moisturizing face creams, hand creams, body lotions, massage oils, lip balms, mascaras, and brow tints.

A nutrient-rich CBD cream can heal, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin.

CBD muscle balms and CBD massage creams could serve to soothe achy bodies in ways not experienced before.

After a long, tiring day there’s nothing better than a warm, relaxing bath with soothing CBD-infused bath bombs or bath salts.

hemp face mask at night, together with some hemp-infused tea, could well send your loved one off to dreamland in the best possible way.

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Delicious CBD Edibles for Foodies Close to Your Heart

Delicious CBD Edibles for Foodies Close to Your Heart

A CBD edible is any food, such as a baked good, smoothie, or a snack that contains CBD. Unfiltered CBD oil has a characteristic hemp palate that some say is an acquired taste. One way to somewhat mask its earthy flavor is by ingesting it as a CBD edible or in a beverage.

Edible CBD products are popular not just for their taste, but also for ease of use, and discretion.

When buying CBD edibles, read the list of ingredients carefully. Prefer natural ingredients as far as possible and steer clear of sugar, preservatives and other unhealthy additives.

For that special someone with a sweet tooth show some love with delicious CBD chocolates, brownies, and cookies.

CBD-infused coffee is a perfect gift for the coffee-lover, packing in productivity-boosting properties with natural healing benefits.

Gift health, wellness, and peace with calming CBD tea blends.

CBD infused gummies not only make a delicious snack but a healthy one too.

For the person who loves trying everything new and trendy, there are also ready-to-drink CBD infused beverages, CBD nutrition bars, CBD laced nut butters, water mix-ins, and CBD laced honey.

Making CBD edibles at home for your close friends is a good alternative to buying most commercial products, more so, when you want to add that special personal touch that will linger long after the holiday season.

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For the Pet Owners Among Your Friends

Pet owners are discovering the powerful benefits CBD may hold.

Cats and dogs are real people, but with four legs and fur—every pet owner knows that. And more and more pet owners are beginning to discover the powerful benefits CBD may hold for their pet’s health and well-being.

The pets respond positively to CBD just like we humans do, so give your pet-owning loved ones the ultimate pet care products for their furry little friends – CBD dog treats, CBD chews, or CBD pet tincture.

In a Nutshell

CBD shows major promise in promoting better sleep, relieving anxiety, easing stress and improving the health of the skin, without getting people high—making it a gift that will likely become an essential part of the daily routine of your loved ones. This is a gift they will cherish long after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

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