Why is Reside Resin known as Reside Resin?


Have you heard of Reside Resin? Have you attempted it? Do you like it?  

If you cannot answer yes to any of these inquiries, that is okay. We’re right here with answers!  

If you can, effectively, “Hello, pro!” Glad you have joined us. Even although you know your stuff, you can study on to understand why not all Reside Resins are developed equaland why we’re pretty proud of ours 

But 1st, the fundamentals: 

What IS Reside Resin, anyhow? 

To have an understanding of reside resin, you need to have not appear any additional than nature itself. 

In the living wild, cannabis plants rely on resin as a defense mechanism. Every plant is covered in oodles of hair-like stalks, all boasting a bulbous, resin-filled head. Up close, these growths appear like tiny tiny mushrooms we get in touch with them trichomes. With each other, the trichomes operate as a sticky shield to deter animals from munching on the plant’s leaves. They also act like a barrier to the components, blocking out sun harm, and safeguarding plant deterioration in higher winds. Nature is so cool. 

What cannot cannabis’s armor maintain at bay? Humans! Because we happen to know that the resin is where alllll the very good stuff is. The terpenes are in there. The cannabinoids are in there. Basically, every little thing you like about the cannabis expertise is in there. Resin is king.  

If cannabis didn’t need to have to be decarboxylated in order to love its effects, we’d happily chew on raw plants all day lengthy. But, as you know, the only way to reap the advantages of our pal cannabis is to apply heat. We smoke, vape, dab, or even cook it. The sad portion isextra frequently than notthe reside plant’s original provide of resin is drastically diminished in the method. All that useful resin is lost.  

See exactly where we’re going with this? 

Reside Resin: Cannabis as nature intended 

Nowadays, there are lots of cannabis concentrates on the market place. We sensible humans have figured out all types of strategies to maximize the potency of this powerhouse plant. None however, is as artful a blend of science and nature as Refined Reside Resin. 

Due to the fact the organic resin content material of cannabis is degraded in just about any method that prepares it for consumption, the crucial is to gather that coveted resin ahead of undertaking anything else. A.k.a., you have got to act rapid! After a flower is harvested, you have got much less than an hour to preserve her in her organic splendor. 

It needs a quite specialized technologies to capture the complete spectrum of one particular of cannabis’s greatest qualities terpenes! Sometimes it is carried out though the flower is fresh. Other instances, it is flash-frozen, which, in essence, “stops time” to maintain it reside and fresh.  Science is fairly darn cool, also. 

Reside Resin: The strategy behind the miracle 

After the terpenes are meticulously gathered, stored and cured from a batch of flower, the method is nevertheless far from more than. We extract the remaining very good stuff—the cannabinoids—using CO2. This method of additional refinement leaves us with our pure, higher-potency, 100% cannabis distillate.  

At this point, it is time to re-introduce our initial collection of reside resin—and its comprehensive terpene profile–back into the distillate. If it sounds super involved, that is for the reason that it is. And but, this artful blend of nature and science tends to make for an unmatchable favor and potency general, it is a cannabis expertise of the finest caliber. 

Even after you know how it is carried out, it is nevertheless rather miraculous, is not it?

Reside Resin: What to appear for 

With this premium item comes a premium cost tag, of course. That mentioned, when you shop, you want to make additional certain you are receiving specifically what you spend for, with out any surprises.  

Classic Reside Resin goods are often cannabis concentrates, which use solvents like butane in the extraction method. Several people today seek to keep away from these potentially damaging components, and for very good purpose. 

Our cutting-edge, solvent-totally free extraction process permits us to harvest and make use of these sought-just after, all-organic terpenes in pure distillate for a item that is superior in flavor, potency, AND purity. No hydrocarbons or other damaging solvents right here.  

We also know our sufferers and shoppers appreciate comfort. So, we’ve selected to present our new Refined Reside Resin distillate in a discreet, effortless-to-enjoy vape cartridge.  

Final, but not least, it is vital to note one particular of our strongest principles right here at Curaleaf:  Cannabis is not one particular-size-fits-all. For this purpose, we’ve utilized meticulously chosen, strain-distinct terpenes to bring you a wide wide variety of flavor formulations. The outcome is a 1st-class, customized cannabis expertise to meet your palate’s distinct preference. It is okay to be picky. In truth, you need to have to be in order to get the most out of your connection with cannabis. It is a complicated plant, and we all react to it in distinct strategies! Alternatives are critical we get that.  

*At the moment, our Refined Reside Resin is only out there in Florida.* 

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If all this speak about Fresh Flower Flavor has your senses swooning, why not cease in to your local Curaleaf dispensary? We’d like to meet you, talk about your cannabis targets, and locate you a item that is just the correct match for you.  

That is Cannabis with self-confidence, and it is what we’re all about.  

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