OT: Recreational marijuana sales commence on 12/1 in Ann Arbor


applying dope could possibly not be the most effective factor you do with your time and physique…..

But research displaying that marijuana use is a substantial danger issue for violence have quietly piled up. A lot of of them weren’t even developed to catch the hyperlink, but they did. Dozens of such research exist, covering all the things from bullying by higher college students to fighting amongst vacationers in Spain.

In most instances, research obtain that the danger is at least as substantial as with alcohol. A 2012 paper in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence examined a federal survey of additional than 9,000 adolescents and located that marijuana use was linked with a doubling of domestic violence a 2017 paper in Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology examined drivers of violence amongst six,000 British and Chinese males and located that drug use—the drug practically often getting cannabis—translated into a 5-fold enhance in violence

The initial 4 states to legalize marijuana for recreational use had been Colorado and Washington in 2014 and Alaska and Oregon in 2015. Combined, these 4 states had about 450 murders and 30,300 aggravated assaults in 2013. Final year, they had just about 620 murders and 38,000 aggravated assaults—an enhance of 37 % for murders and 25 % for aggravated assaults, far higher than the national enhance, even just after accounting for variations in population development.

Most cigarette smokers do not die of lung cancer. But we have created it extensively identified that cigarettes result in cancer, complete quit. Most folks who drink and drive do not have fatal accidents. But we have highlighted the instances of these who do.

We want equally unambiguous and nicely-funded marketing campaigns on the dangers of cannabis. Rather, we are now in the worst of all worlds. Marijuana is legal in some states, illegal in other individuals, dangerously potent, and sold without having warnings everywhere.


i know the marijuana nazi’s will neg me for this, so be it.  just understand that there are genuine expenses to weed use, and in certain young customers and extended-time customers are causing substantial adjustments and degradations in their brain function.  i never consider we need to be placing folks in prison more than it, either, but open your eyes to the downside. 



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