Maryland Health-related Marijuana Laws (Updated 2019)


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Health-related marijuana has been legal in Maryland due to the fact 2013 but only became accessible in 2017. In spite of the slow roll-out, Maryland’s cannabis regulations have been tremendously prosperous. Amongst December 1, 2017, and November 30, 2018, Maryland’s health-related marijuana market generated $95.four million in sales. As of Might 2019, the state has grossed $85,640,667 in health-related marijuana retail sales, which indicates it will probably surpass the preceding year’s income. 

Despite the fact that Maryland’s health-related marijuana market is quickly expanding, individual use cannabis is nevertheless prohibited.  On the other hand, the tide may possibly be turning. In Might 2019, the Maryland legislature established a workgroup to investigate the effect of implementing recreational cannabis regulations. The study will analyze techniques that the No cost State could license and tax a legal cannabis market, how legal cannabis will effect public well being and the criminal justice method, and how to encourage the participation of females and minorities in the market. 

The state has also taken measures to reform criminal law connected to cannabis. In 2017, Maryland passed SB 949, minimizing the time it requires from 10 to four years for a particular person formerly convicted of a marijuana possession offense to have that record expunged. In January 2019, Baltimore City State’s Lawyer Marilyn Mosby announced that marijuana possession would no longer be prosecuted regardless of the quantity. 

Qualifying Debilitating Health-related Conditions 

If a patient has one particular or additional of the following qualifying health-related situations, they may possibly be eligible to participate in Maryland’s health-related marijuana system:

  • cachexia
  • anorexia 
  • wasting syndrome 
  • serious or chronic discomfort
  • serious nausea
  • seizures
  • serious or persistent muscle spasms 
  • glaucoma 
  • post-traumatic strain disorder 
  • one more chronic health-related situation which is serious and for which other treatment options have been ineffective 

Applying for a Health-related Marijuana Card in Maryland

Prior to registering on the net, adult and minor sufferers and their legal guardians will will need the following:

  • A valid e mail account. This will be the key way that the Maryland Health-related Cannabis Commission (MMCC) communicates. 
  • The final 4 digits of their social safety number 
  • An electronic copy of a valid US government-issued photo identification 
  • An electronic copy of proof of Maryland residence or therapy at a Maryland health-related facility (non-residents are eligible to participate in the health-related marijuana system if they are physically in the state of Maryland throughout the time of therapy, admitted to a Joint Commission accredited health-related facility exactly where they will be offered the medicine throughout their inpatient remain). 

The application can be completed on the net. When the application is comprehensive, the MMCC will assessment the application and inform the patient by means of e mail if it has been authorized or not. If the application is authorized, the patient can then designate a caregiver by way of their Patient Registry on the net account. 

Upon registration approval, the patient should stop by a well being care provider registered with the MMCC to acquire a certification. The patient should have a bona fide provider-patient connection, and the provider should sign off on the use of marijuana as a therapy for the patient’s debilitating situation. 

If the patient’s medical professional is not currently registered with the MMCC, they can do so on the net. The state encourages providers who have an active, unrestricted license, are in great standing with their board, and are actively registered to prescribe controlled substances to register with the MMCC. According to information collected by the MMCC, a total of 1,430 providers have registered as of June four, 2019. 

When the patient is registered with the MMCC and has received valid certification, they will be in a position to print a short-term MMCC patient ID card that they can use to invest in health-related marijuana from a licensed dispensary. 

Sufferers can obtain an ID card for $50 nevertheless, it is not important to do so to obtain cannabis from a dispensary. 

Possession and Buying Limits 

Qualifying sufferers are in a position to possess 

  • up to a 30-day provide of health-related cannabis inside a 30-day period. The commission has determined that a 30-day provide is 120 grams (roughly four ounces). This translates to up to 36 grams of THC in concentrates. 
  • additional than a 30-day provide of cannabis if the doctor indicates that additional is necessary in the written certification 

Health-related marijuana can only be legally bought from a licensed dispensary. 


The public consumption of cannabis is prohibited. 

Cannabis can be consumed in a private residence. On the other hand, landlords, condominium regimes, and homeowner associations may possibly prohibit smoking cannabis. Registered health-related sufferers can ingest or vape cannabis devoid of infringement, nevertheless.  

Cannabis types that are authorized for consumption incorporate:

  • edibles ( as of the passage of HB 17 in 2019) 
  • dried flower
  • liquids that can be vaporized
  • oils
  • concentrates
  • topical ointments 
  • waxes
  • tablets

Cannabis Transport and Delivery

Sufferers ought to travel with their patient ID card when transporting cannabis from the dispensary to their property. 

Cannabis delivery is not accessible. 

Driving Beneath the Influence

It is illegal for sufferers to operate, or be in actual physical manage of any motor automobile, aircraft, or boat even though below the influence of marijuana or cannabis

It is also illegal to smoke cannabis even though in a motor automobile, even if the patient is not operating the automobile. 

Exporting Cannabis 

According to Federal and Maryland law, it is illegal to export cannabis across state lines. This applies even when going to, coming from, or driving by way of one more state that has legalized cannabis

However, this suggests that you should leave your cannabis medicine at property if you strategy to leave the state. 

Individual Cultivation  

Sufferers are not permitted to develop health-related marijuana in their residences. The only legal way to access health-related marijuana in Maryland is to obtain it from a licensed dispensary. 


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