Canopy Development unveils portfolio of cannabis-infused goods


Canopy Development Corporation has unveiled a raft of new cannabis-infused goods, which includes sparkling waters, mixers and chocolate.

The Canadian corporation has created a proprietary approach known as Distilled Cannabis that distils entire flower cannabis into a clear liquid, which is utilised as an active ingredient in a range of its THC- and CBD-infused beverages. 

Created in its newly licensed beverage facility in Ontario, Canopy’s drinks will be supplied in a variety of brands, flavours and sizes. They have been created to present the serving sizes and onset instances that shoppers knowledge with other drink formats.

“With the coming of Cannabis two., our aim is to present prospects with the finest top quality goods, and I actually think by means of the really hard perform and dedication of our group, we have delivered just that,” said Mark Zekulin, CEO, Canopy Development.

“Since our very first healthcare sale in 2014, we’ve been focused on innovation and top quality, and now we’re expanding that with the launch of our game-altering recreational beverages, chocolates and vapes.”

Tweed RTD beverages are pre-mixed with Distilled Cannabis and supplied in 355ml cans.

Canopy Development will release a variety of premixed beverages below the Tweed brand. The prepared-to-drink beverages are flavoured to represent 3 core cannabis strains featured: Penelope &amp Tonic, which has 2mg of THC and 1.5mg of CBD, while Bakerstreet &amp Ginger Ale and Houndstooth &amp Soda each include 2mg of THC per can.

By means of its partnership with Houseplant founders Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, Canopy Development has developed Houseplant Grapefruit and Houseplant Lemon sparkling waters, each containing two.5mg of THC per 355ml can.

The corporation has also made a variety of seltzer-like sparkling water beverages below the Quatreau brand that are targeted at wellness-focused shoppers. The cucumber &amp mint and passion fruit &amp guava flavours function 20mg of CBD, though ginger &amp lime and blueberry acai each include 2mg of CBD and 2mg of THC.

For shoppers interested in a a lot more potent choice, Deep Space is a smaller sized prepared-to-drink carbonated beverage containing 10mg of THC per serving – the maximum level permitted by Overall health Canada.

Tokyo Smoke THC-infused dark chocolate options minimal CBD content material.

Canopy has also established a new brand of beverage mixers, Tweed Distilled Cannabis. Packaged in 150ml bottles, the goods can be mixed with any non-alcoholic beverage or enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Aside from beverages, Canopy has partnered with Hummingbird Chocolate to create a variety of chocolate goods infused with cannabis.

3 chocolate brands will be offered: Bean &amp Bud 70% dark chocolate, Tweed milk chocolate and Tokyo Smoke THC-infused dark chocolate.

Canopy stated it will commence shipping the chocolates from its Ontario distribution centre across Canada in the coming weeks.

Regulations regarding the production and sale of derivative cannabis goods – such as edibles and infused beverages – came into impact in Canada on 17 October, precisely a year soon after recreational cannabis became legal in the nation.


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