Bloomberg calls legalizing weed the “stupidest issue anyone has ever performed”


The former Mayor of New York City and possible 2020 Democratic presidential candidate—Michael Bloomberg named efforts to legalize cannabis “perhaps the stupidest issue anyone has ever performed.”

Speaking at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland earlier this year Bloomberg mentioned on the topic, according to WBNG-Television:

“We have a distinct type of issue in America, for instance. Final year, in 2017, 72,000 Americans [overdosed] on drugs. In 2018, extra folks than that are OD-ing on drugs, have OD’d on drugs. And now, incidentally, we are attempting to legalize an additional addictive narcotic, which is maybe the stupidest issue anyone has ever performed. We’ve got to fight that, and that is an additional issue that Bloomberg Philanthropies will operate on it in public well being.”

The position from the billionaire politician would look to be out of step with Democratic leaders in his state and liberal voters nationwide. From all the candidates only Joe Biden is against the legalization of cannabis.

Current polls have shown that 67% of the American population thinks that the use of marijuana ought to be legal, reflecting a steady boost more than the previous decade, according to a new Pew Analysis Center survey.

Estimated to be worth tens of billions of dollars, Bloomberg is a single of the richest folks in the planet and has extended hinted at the possibility of a presidential run.


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