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So, I am presently a student in an EMT system, and I have been smoking for about four years heavily now. Like I imply heavy heavy. I am a proud stoner, and I am a proud EMT student, but sadly, these two issues do not go hand in hand!!

I have to clean out my program in order to do my ride along hours (I am assuming the hospital will drug test us even even though we are students and currently enrolled~)

I have till April to get my hours logged, but its nonetheless a time crunch for me~ And I’m constructive its not just going to be some typical test they’ll be undertaking, I’m certain it’ll be some higher finish drug test that will detect the faintest trace of THC.

I guess my query is: How did you guys clean your systems out, or how did you detox in order to pass a test? How lengthy did it take? I’ve got a couple of months, but I require to start out logging in hours as quickly as achievable~ But I want to clean myself out just appropriate~ I weigh 113 pounds~ So it can not take also significantly…appropriate?

Thank you for assisting!!

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