Biden Tries to Clean up Cannabis “Gateway Drug” Comments


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has weighed in on cannabis for the second consecutive week. In an try to clean up comments he created final week that recommended cannabis could be a “gateway drug,” the former vice president mentioned Monday that the intent of his initial comments was lost in the haze.

“I do not assume it is a gateway drug,” Biden mentioned in a conference contact with reporters according to MSN. “There’s no proof I’ve noticed to recommend that.”


Biden stressed that he under no circumstances mentioned cannabis is a gateway drug, only that “some say” it is. So he generally is utilizing the similar “people are saying” argument we’ve heard from other leaders. Which, in the age of digital connectivity, is the ultimate scapegoatsomebody is constantly “saying” anything, like the planet is flat, for instance. 

Biden did pressure that cannabis must be decriminalized and that folks with cannabis convictions must have their records “wiped completely clean, absolutely clean.” But it is tough to establish precisely what the man genuinely thinks about cannabis as he’s been all more than the map about the challenge. In a current Democratic celebration debate, Biden recommended cannabis possession charges must be classified as misdemeanors. In some jurisdictions, this could imply jail time as properly as a substantial blemish on an individual’s criminal record. 

Biden also attempted to use the scientific neighborhood as a cover for his comments. 

“There are really serious healthcare people who say we must study it extra,” Biden told reporters according to Vice. “Not that we must make it illegal, that we must be in a position exactly where we criminalize it, but that we must appear at it.”

It was a rough week in involving cannabis comments for Biden. Digging up the debunked cannabis gateway theory, or attempting to toe the line involving possibly it will or possibly it will not lead to tougher drug use, did not precisely alter the narrative for lots of that Biden is out of touch and lacking new tips.

At a Democratic celebration debate final week Senator Cory Booker mocked Biden’s comments on cannabis. “This week I hear him actually say that ‘I do not assume we must legalize marijuana,’” mentioned Booker. “I believed [he] could have been higher when [he] mentioned it.”

In the previous, ahead of just about anything was documented, maybe harm manage for Biden would be extra helpful, but in the end, it is tough for Biden to distance himself from Biden.


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