Typical Pricing For Infinity Supercritical Goods

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Utilized Shop Demo 10L: $49,000

New 10L: $99,000 (15-20 lbs input per day) [More Info]

We have 10L CO2 systems in inventory prepared for buy.

No cost Internet Web page Listing on This Internet site: If you buy a 10L CO2 program, we’ll give you a listing for 30 days on our Toll Processing Solutions web page, and refer guests or callers to you who want toll processing to the webpage, or to you straight. That listing can contain your organization name, e-mail or telephone get in touch with information, solutions provided, and even pictures of your machine and complete spectrum higher high quality extracts. This is a enormous worth given that we get substantial amounts of website traffic from Google internet searches. Restricted time supply.

Rapid Filter Dewax Botanical Oil Swiftly

Rapid Filter 10L: $16,999 (Dual bowl 10L pour) in-stock and prepared to ship (Much more Information)

Components and Filters (for each Rapid Filter and Drain Droyd)

Components and Filters (acquire on the net – quite a few products ship exact same day)                                                  Rapid Filter Paper Filters: acquire on the net
Drain Droyd Paper Filters: acquire on the net

Reside Resin Processing and Diamond Mining: Making use of a reside resin approach, this program can be utilised for processing the basis of recrystallization (Diamond Mining or Jar Tech). The separation of CB D from terpenes is what Diamond Mining (crystallization of terp sauce) is all about, and is extremely flavorful and potent finish item.