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Dabs are extremely concentrated quantities of marijuana which can be made out of the extraction of THC and different cannabinoids from the cannabis plant by utilizing a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide.

These days, electrical dab rigs like Focus V Carta, Pular Rok and KandyPens Oura have been well-liked within the cannabis trade as a result of they’re simple to entry and use. Additionally, the worth of e-rigs is getting decrease. Nonetheless, the old fashioned dab rigs with a butane torch are nonetheless well-liked available on the market. Right this moment, we wish to write about the old fashioned dab rigs.

What’s a dab rig/oil rig?

Dab rigs as often known as oil rigs are just like bongs, which are supposed to smoke rosin, shatter, butane hash oil (BHO), CO2 oil, or different cannabis concentrates. It will possibly additionally scale back the overheated vapor, which comes from the rig’s nail. The inside of the dab rig is manufactured utilizing glass or ceramics. Since dab rigs are supposed to smoke concentrates with taste, dab rigs are usually smaller than weed bongs. Additionally, dab rigs often don’t have an ice pinch/ice catcher. Due to this fact, you’ll be able to style the pure taste from weed.

There exist various kinds of dab rigs to purchase. Shoppers have the flexibleness to buy exact, costly dab rigs in several shapes, kinds, sizes, and colours. On-line headshops like KING’s Pipe has a very good number of dab rigs on the market, so it’s a good suggestion to browse the web site to search for what you need. You’ll find necessary dab instruments that we’ll discuss later on this article.

What do you could dab?

  • Dab Rig
  • Dabber Device
  • Hand Torch
  • Dab Nail and Dome, or Dome Much less Nail like a Quartz Banger
  • Carb Cap
  • Bowl of water
  • Tongs
  • Wand
  • Oil, Concentrates, Wax 
  • Rag or alcohol swab

The right way to Use it?
Select a high-quality rig and buy an extra nail

A dab rig is made up of a chamber, a down-stem, and a nail. Rigs are often manufactured with glass nails that generate a clear style. Nonetheless, these nails are fragile and may simply break. Titanium and Quartz nails are quite common as a result of they’re stronger than glass. But emit a cleaner style than glass.

If you’re a newbie to dabbing, remember that most rigs are offered with a dome and one nail or a domeless nail. Rigs which can be offered with out equipment would require the client to buy a nail and a dome earlier than dabbing.

All the time have an additional nail, notably in the event you select to make use of a glass nail. Additionally, guarantee to exchange your nail instantly shortly it breaks.

Water the chamber earlier than seasoning the nail

Start by pouring water straight into the chamber of your rig. You possibly can facilitate this course of by blowing into the down-stem. You possibly can create the water bubble whereas forcing air into the chamber. If water begins to splash into your mouth, scale back a few of the water from the chamber earlier than shifting ahead.

A cleans nail that hasn’t but been seasoned can change the tone of the vapors you breathe. It’s good to taste the nail earlier than utilizing it by inserting it straight within the rig and repeatedly warmth it together with your torch till its super-hot. Apply oil focus or wax over the top of the nail by utilizing a dabber. When the wax begins to soften and begins masking the nail, use your tongs to hold the nail and place it contained in the bowl with water.

Put together your self for a dab

Take your wand and carry a couple of concentrates in wax or shatter kind. Understand that even the smallest dab is stronger than a success of dried buds. This technique of consumption could be very efficient, and customers are suggested to start out with minor hits.

Warmth the nail with the butane torch

It begins to heat up the nail with a butane torch. Preserve the flame of the torch away out of your rig or the warmth will break the glass. Cease pointing the torch when the nail begins to glow orange. It’s at this level when you’ll be able to place your domeless nail on the nail.

The nail must be heated whereas the dome is in place and doesn’t waste time or the nail will cool. The precise timeframe you could wait varies in your nail and rig. Some individuals often anticipate not less than 10 seconds, however its really useful to attend 20-30 seconds to get higher dabs.

You possibly can ideally use water if you don’t like utilizing wax for the seasoning course of. The seasoning course of have to be repeated not less than 3 times earlier than utilizing the nail. This course of can solely be completed as soon as once you use a brand new nail whereas studying the right way to dab.

Place your wax straight on the nail

When the nail has reached the specified temperature, take the wand and insert the wax or crush across the nail. You will need to progressively rub the bottom of the wand which comprises the wax across the inside edges of the nail whilst you inhale by the chamber, creating the water bubble whereas producing vapors.

Because the focus begins to soften, the fumes will begin filling the glass. Inhale the vapor because it comes out of the down-stem whereas having fun with the candy focus. Its really useful continually inhaling till the vapor leaves the chamber.

Exhale repeatedly and luxuriate in

When all of the vapor has left the chamber, you’ll be able to start to decrease the rig whereas exhaling an enormous quantity of excellent smoke– even when it’s a small dab. Constantly warmth the nail and add wax till you start to expertise the sensation of your focus.

Take away the dome then tidy the nail and wand

Constantly warmth the bottom of the dab software to take away the residue. It often takes a number of minutes for the warmth to soften away the residue. Clear it utilizing a material or an alcohol swab when the residue continues to be sizzling and versatile.

Use the torch to warmth the nail once more, however this time, you might be heating it to remove all of the stays. This stops the nail from depositing a sticky residue and ensures that your rig is prepared for the following step.

Take a while off to apply the artwork of dabbing. It’s possible you’ll be feeling that you’re losing focus than you often use, however in time to return, you’ll study that the dabbing course of requires useful assets. The impact produced by every dab is so thrilling that almost all customers cease change from smoking to dabbing after they’ve understood the right way to correctly dab.

Guarantee to wash your dab rig when resin begins to build up inside. Don’t eliminate this resin, as a result of it may be used to season new nails, so you should not use recent wax. You possibly can ideally add it to your coiled medicinal joints to make it more practical.

Now you know the way to make use of a dab rig. You begin to search for your favourite dab rig on on-line headshops as a result of there are lots of differing types. Additionally, it’s best to verify electrical dab rigs as a result of some like Focus V Carta, Pulsar Rok and KandyPens Oura are getting actually well-liked. Dabbing offers you extra taste than smoking weed by a bong, so take pleasure in dabbing together with your new dab oil rig.


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