Rising the Vibe: Making use of Quantum Physics to Hashish & Hemp


Whereas quantum science is just not a brand new idea, making use of it the hemp and cannabis industries is undoubtedly an modern strategy. Hashish Tech reached out to Eric Rice, CEO of Quanta, to debate how their firm is making use of a high-tech course of to cannabinoids to enhance the buyer expertise.

Quantum Concept Fuels Quanta Merchandise

Quantum idea gained momentum within the early 1900s by scientific greats akin to Max Planck and Albert Einstein. At its most simple, quantum science is the scientific examine of the smallest particles recognized to man, describing matter by way of vibrational vitality of its atoms and sub-atomic particles. Understanding quantum science led to the creation of many fashionable expertise units, together with cryptography, supercomputers, and plenty of family electronics akin to USB drives, lasers, transistors, and LEDs.

When speaking about how he first met Dr. Arthur Makaelian, Quanta’s Chief Science Officer, Rice described himself as being in a novel place in a rare area of interest – “folks with loopy concepts in expertise and science discover me, and I assist translate their concepts right into a possible marketing strategy,” he stated.

Holding the patent for a novel polarization course of designed to extend the atomic vibration of particular atoms inside particular molecules, Dr. Makaelian has been utilizing this expertise for round 14 years. Already in FDA trials for a serum for most cancers, HIV, and different auto-immune illnesses, Rice grew to become fascinated with the science and shaped a partnership with Dr. Makaelian to make use of this expertise to enhance the bioactivity of cannabis and hemp-derived merchandise.

Explaining Quantum Cannabinoids

Rice instructed Hashish Tech that every one dwelling issues have vibrational vitality on the molecular degree. Whereas the specimen is alive, its molecules have 100 % of their pure vitality. Nevertheless, on the time of harvest (or loss of life), all dwelling cells within the organism lose about half of their vibrational vitality and vitality ranges proceed to say no over time till decomposition turns the matter into mud.

“Almost all of the merchandise we eat have been plucked, processed, frozen, extracted with solvents, heated and cooled,” Rice identified. “So, by the point we eat them, they might solely have 5 to 7 % of their unique bio-energy.”

He continued, “Our our bodies are always losing vitality producing feedstock, and that vitality is critical to switch the knowledge from nutritional vitamins and minerals to the receptors to carry out fundamental capabilities like immune efficiency.”

“By retraining the electron spin of particular atoms, we elevate the vitality degree of the cannabinoid to match the frequency or vibration, with the receptor throughout the physique,” Rice clarified.

The Know-how for Cannabinoid Polarization

By reversing the movement of MRI magnets to speak with particular atoms inside a selected molecule, Quanta will increase the vitality degree of the atom, so it has sufficient vitality to create an impactful chemical response throughout the physique.


Speaking about their discovery course of and his idea on the impression of cannabinoid polarization, Rice said, “We began with polarizing THC as a result of it’s psychoactive and folks can really ‘really feel’ the distinction.”

He additionally defined, “CB1 receptors in our mind are like a lock which solely accepts two keys, anandamide, a naturally occurring endocannabinoid, and THC. Anandamide is well-known for the blissful, centered, uplifted impact it creates, whereas THC is well-known for creating paranoia and nervousness.”

In his personal idea, Rice recommended that anandamide’s lighter, extra uplifting results are partly as a result of anandamide is created throughout the mind. Due to this fact it maintains its pure vitality when binding to the receptors. THC, however, has misplaced the vast majority of its pure vitality by the point it binds with the receptor. Rice theorized, “With out its full vitality, the receptor turns into pissed off, and because it’s immediately linked to the psychoactive nature, the mind performs methods on the buyer. Like a baby, the receptor throws a tantrum as a result of it didn’t get what it wished.”

Rice stated, “In additional than 10,000 samples we’ve handed out, with had lower than 100 situations of paranoia or nervousness reported – that’s lower than one %.”

Greater than Hashish & Hemp

Though specializing in cannabinoids, Quanta really considers themselves an components firm and works with all kinds of supplies with a give attention to plant matter and botanicals. “For instance, we’re additionally researching a seaweed from Australia which lowers blood sugar,” Rice admitted.

Sharing perception on the way forward for Quanta, Rice believes their true focus is on taking uncommon and costly components and potentiating them for amount and better bioavailability. “We’ve been working laborious on terpene profiles,” mentioning having about 195 profiles within the works. Plus, they’re additionally working with about half of the recognized nutritional vitamins.

General, the principle purpose at Quanta is to offer a spread of merchandise, manufactured with pure components, that are as potent and predictable as prescription drugs and over-the-counter treatments. Whereas the corporate continues to innovate new formulations of their very own, they’re additionally working with different producers to launch co-branding alternatives with “Powered by Quanta” formulations of polarized cannabinoids.



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