Prime 20 Ant Preserving Youtube Channels to Comply with in 2019


1. Nordic Ants

Sweden About Youtuber Do you’ve gotten a curiosity for nature? Do you discover animals fascinating? Do YOU discover ants fascinating?Then this can be a Channel for you! Nordic Ants is all about nature and retaining ants! You’ll discover ways to catch, care, comprise and observe the planet´s most dominant insect that has ever existed!
Since Apr 2017
Youtube Followers- 17,683 . Views Depend- 863,027 . Video Depend – 33

2. ANTS 853

ANTS 853 Macao About Youtuber Comply with us to maintain up with movies about ant retaining from ANTS 853.
Since Jul 2015
Youtube Followers- 625 . Views Depend- 39,327 . Video Depend – 120

3. AntHub PH

AntHub PH Philippines About Youtuber Welcome to AntHub PH, the house for ant keepers and ant fanatics. This YouTube Channel is devoted to ant tutorials and retaining suggestions, ant colony updates, and different issues regarding ants and their nature.
Since Feb 2019
Youtube Followers- 119 . Views Depend- 1,582 . Video Depend – 14

4. ll Ender Ants ll

ll Ender Ants ll United States About Youtuber Good day Fellow Ant Homeowners, Hexapods, or those that are new to The World of Ant Preserving! My Title is Ender Ants, one other Fellow Ant YouTuber! I received considering retaining Ants since November of 2016 and did not begin retaining a colony till March fifth, 2017.
Since Could 2016
Youtube Followers- 1,576 . Views Depend- 94,878 . Video Depend – 96

5. The Ant Community

The Ant Network United States About Youtuber Welcome to The Ant Community’s YouTube Channel! We’re all about ants right here, and you will find ant retaining tutorials, assortment movies, group engagement clips, interviews, and a lot extra on our channel! Assist us unfold our message of science literacy and conservation by subscribing and liking our movies.
Since Mar 2015
Youtube Followers- 830 . Views Depend- 30,474 . Video Depend – 14

6. AntsCanada

AntsCanada United States About Youtuber I imagine ants are probably the most superb creatures on the planet, and each new discovery about their micro world provides us some profound insights into the world round us and ourselves. It’s why I began this Youtube channel and Bringing the ant farm and love of ant retaining to an entire new stage, this channel will assist you to uncover the thrill of retaining massive and wholesome pet ant colonies.
Since Jul 2009
Youtube Followers- 2,981,661 . Views Depend- 302,231,019 . Video Depend – 425

7. Ants Britania

Ants Britania About Youtuber Welcome to the Ants Britania Channel! On this channel, we’ll discover the great world of ant retaining by numerous ant retaining tutorials and movies of our personal Ant Colonies.
Since Oct 2011
Youtube Followers- 8,149 . Views Depend- 313,824 . Video Depend – 35

8. Ant Invasion

Ant Invasion Australia About Youtuber Ant Invasion is a channel for all ant lovers on the market. I do informational movies about ants, ‘s and rather more.
Since Jul 2016
Youtube Followers- 8,091 . Views Depend- 515,843 . Video Depend – 67

9. RobJ’s Ants

RobJ's Ants United Kingdom About Youtuber Ant movies, useful tutorials on ant-keeping, housing & extra with enjoyable and fascinating collection.
Since Feb 2016
Youtube Followers- 6,318 . Views Depend- 555,218 . Video Depend – 182

10. TarheelAnts

TarheelAnts About Youtuber World class formicaria on your ant colonies and ant provides. Our movies are a tribute to the ants we preserve, their magnificence, and the truth that they make wonderful pets (Ants Can Be Pets is our motto!).
Since Jun 2011
Youtube Followers- 5,939 . Views Depend- 832,935 . Video Depend – 154

11. Ant Philippines

Ant Philippines Philippines About Youtuber Hello, I am Jay Bacosa Welcome to Ant Philippines I made this channel for all these individuals who need to enter the world of ant retaining.
Since Apr 2017
Youtube Followers- 978 . Views Depend- 52,932 . Video Depend – 120

12. Ants South Africa

Ants South Africa South Africa About Youtuber Welcome to my youtube channel the place we discover the great world of ants. I additionally make useful tutorials to indicate you the fundamentals of ant retaining and formicarium design.
Since Jan 2015
Youtube Followers- 529 . Views Depend- 21,675 . Video Depend – 35

13. Novo Ants

Novo Ants Australia About Youtuber All issues ANTS! This channel has movies on the varied ant species discovered on the earth. It exhibits ant retaining suggestions and methods, make ant tools and in addition has opinions of ant retaining merchandise! As a fellow ant keeper and fanatic, I need to assist many others get pleasure from and uncover the wonders of the ant world and ant retaining. This can be a improbable passion to get into. Be at liberty to ask any questions and I’ll do my greatest to assist out.
Since Sep 2018
Youtube Followers- 251 . Views Depend- 5,962 . Video Depend – 22

14. AntsVienna

AntsVienna Austria About Youtuber On this Channel we Introduce Ant Species We & YOU can Encounter and Share Data, Tipps and Methods with you.
Since Jul 2018
Youtube Followers- 190 . Views Depend- 11,870 . Video Depend – 24

15. Ants Singapore

Ants Singapore About Youtuber Welcome to ants Singapore, a Southeast Asian ant channel the place we showcase ant retaining and the unique ants of Southeast Asia.
Since Aug 2016
Youtube Followers- 122 . Views Depend- 6,288 . Video Depend – 36

16. Ants In Texas

Ants In Texas United States About Youtuber Hey guys!, Ants In Texas right here, and I am an ant keeper with the need to indicate you ways ants stay and train you recommendations on preserve them.
Since Apr 2018
Youtube Followers- 70 . Views Depend- 1,541 . Video Depend – 20

17. Marci’s Ants

Marci's Ants About Youtuber Welcome to my channel! On this channel I will likely be sharing my expertise of a few years into ant retaining. I’ll present you preserve ants, take care of them, feed them, get ant farms, make ant farms and a bunch of different stuff! We’ll preserve journals of the varied ant colonies I’ve and see how they progress over time. Be a part of me on this stunning journey to find and find out about one of the crucial fascinating dwelling organisms on Earth!
Since Nov 2018
Youtube Followers- 31 . Views Depend- 892 . Video Depend – 6


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