The Strain-

Tropical Sleigh Ride is identified as a single of the highest terpene strains in the planet. Designed by Mark from Greenshock Farms, this strain was bred in Mendocino County especially for outside increasing. Tropical Sleigh Ride was made with Greenshock Farms’ specific award winning in-property genetics referred to as  “Purple Candy Cane” crossed with a uncommon Pineapple from breeder Imply Gene. The mixture of these two exotic flavors gave birth to one thing pretty special and effective. This Sativa-dominant strain grows vigorously beneath the complete sun, fighting off mold and mildew like it was Bruce Lee. Packed complete of insane fruity terps, each puff tastes like you are drinking a fruit smoothie. The aroma of guava, mango, papaya, lemon, strawberry, pineapple, orange, grapefruit and even pine are all intertwined collectively to kind this explosive profile. This strain produces lovely buds that ooze resin from each calyx. Fantastic flower formation, sturdy lineage from its parents and some of the loudest terpenes in the game make Tropical Sleigh Ride a single of the new top rated strains.

Strain Overview-

I recall the very first time we got our hands on Tropical Sleigh Ride – we had been totally blown away! The smell jumped proper out of the jar and hit us like a tornado of fruit. Squeezing these buds released an intoxicating aroma of pineapples, oranges and mango. Just touching these lovely flowers left a slick coating of resin instantaneously covering my fingers. Not only had been the terpenes screaming at the top rated of their lungs but the appears had been on point. These flowers could conveniently be mistaken for green property and even indoor but they had been grown in the complete sun totally naturally. We couldn’t wait to roll a single up and get a taste of this astounding cultivar. The very first puff was just as very good as the very first smell. My taste buds had been totally covered with layers upon layers of fruits and pine. Even the lingering smoke had a smell that reminded me of Christmas. Tropical Sleigh Ride was the fantastic name for this astounding flower. Smoking a Sweet Aromatic down to the roach it was complete of flavor and we had been hooked.

We very first met Mark at a Organic Cannabis Firm Harvest Celebration and had the possibility to chop it up about his genetics and we instantaneously became pals. Mark told us about his encounter increasing more than the previous 20 years and all the operate he has been performing to fantastic his creations. We had been pretty impressed to say the least. As 2018 came upon us with new laws and regulations we had been zoned out of increasing commercially at our property but had an chance to operate with Greenshock Farms. We decided to group up collectively blending our develop types and strategies to make our new brand “Green Dope”. For the duration of this new develop season, we had been hands on with various phenotypes of the Tropical Sleigh Ride and we seriously got to know the plant. Every pheno of this strain has slightly distinct attributes when it comes to structure and smell. Some obtaining the classic green stem though other folks show off a lovely dark purple colour stalk in the very first weeks of veg. Each exhibit the tropical fruity aromas this strain is identified for. Greenshock Farms has made this strain to withstand the intense hot days of summer time and the stormy rainy days at the finish of harvest. When it comes to choosing what strains to develop it is usually significant to have sturdy genetics that fight off mold. Tropical Sleigh Ride is constructed for the outdoors.

In 2017 this strain gained a lot of respect when it won the Highest Terpene Award at the largest outside cannabis competitors in the planet the “Emerald Cup”. Test benefits came in at a staggering four.eight% total cannabinoids creating Tropical Sleigh Ride a single of the highest recorded terpene profiles out of the hundreds of strains entered. We all knew this strain was one thing specific so we planned to enter a handful of of these distinct pheno sorts into the 2018 Emerald Cup.

At the Mendo Dope property we weren’t in a position to get our permit but we continued to develop our private garden. One particular of the plants we seriously wanted to develop was of course the Tropical Sleigh Ride. When we teamed up with Greenshock Farms our very first purpose was to get some killer seed begins increasing for the new permitted farm. Mark brought us some of his Tropical Sleigh Ride seeds to commence at dwelling so we could commence a new pheno hunt. Identified for increasing monster plants we also wanted to see how significant we could get these when grown straight in the native soil beneath complete sun.

One particular of these Tropical Sleigh Ride seeds proper away stood out to us so we wanted to hold it at dwelling and develop a single for our private stash. As the year continued we got to see the development patterns and flowering cycles of various phenos. Purple Sleigh Ride was a single of Marks favourite phenos and we could see why. The buds had a magnificent purple colour and they had been frosty like a winter morning. Fantastic formation every bud reached for the sky and soaked in the organic sunlight till they had been plump and juicy.

Yet another astounding pheno was #54c also identified as Tropical Fruit Bomb. This was a single of my private favorites I had been maintaining my eye on the whole season. As flowering started the stacking on this pheno was astounding and the appears of this unique pheno had one thing pretty specific and special to the flower. Sharp spear shaped buds with tight fingers reaching from the ideas had been glistening and sparkling as she caught my focus. The aroma from this pheno had a small bit of anything the grocery shops create isle has to offer you. Sturdy scents of pineapple had been blending collectively with mangos and guava all though getting showered in lemon and orange juice. This was a fruit cocktail of Cannabis. For us and several other folks when looking for what to smoke a significant element is the flavor. Some strains have exceptionally higher THC levels but lack on smell and taste, though other folks can have a excellent smell but pretty low THC levels. Tropical Sleigh Ride is a fantastic balance of that excellent mouthwatering flavor accompanied by a clean smooth higher. Some of these varieties have a sturdy uplifting head buzz though other folks give you a good mellow higher, fantastic for a chill relaxed day. Via strict lab testing benefits have shown THC levels to be in the low to mid 20% variety creating it a far more potent flavorful strain.  Just smelling this flower will make you really feel very good.

This strain harvests in about eight-9 weeks based on phenotype creating it fantastic for beating the late October storms. Every pheno produces strong medium to significant buds and is conveniently trainable with caging and trellis. Harvesting is effortless with this strain. Beginning with a good very first top rated choose then letting secondaries mature for a handful of days is prime for fantastic ripe buds. The Tropical Sleigh Ride seed begins grew swiftly on the farm and we had some of the largest plants to date. This strain proved to not only be fantastic for its higher terpene and flavor but it was a strong plant all the way about. Increasing more than 12 ft. tall and as wide as your living space these plants had been overwhelming when standing under them.

It was now competitors time for the 2018 Emerald Cup and we had been confident with our Tropical Sleigh Ride entries. With 2018 getting the very first year for legal Recreational Cannabis the flower competitors was split into permitted grows and private grows. Going up against some of the ideal farmers in California we took dwelling 10th Location in the private category with our Tropical Sleigh Ride from sed and 6th location in the permitted category with a single of Mark’s distinct phenos of Tropical Sleigh Ride #77. Getting two top rated 10 finishes and the highest terpene award have created this strain a certified winner. Each and every pheno has one thing specific to offer you no matter whether it be the structure of flower, crystal content material or even a certain terpene. For instance: Tropical Sleigh Ride has a uncommon terpene referred to as Ocimene. Its properties are fantastic for anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, and some phenos are averaging 1.five% which is pretty uncommon for Cannabis. Packed with intense flavor and a fantastic uplifting higher this is a fantastic strain for old and young. Tropical Sleigh Ride is pretty anti-depressive as it is fantastic for relaxing the physique providing you a very good feeling behind the head and eyes. “This is inspirational really feel very good herb”- Mark, Greenshock Farms.

I would suggest this strain to anybody who enjoys a complete flavor smoke. This is what we contact exotic boutique Cannabis. There is a pretty tiny percentage of sun grown flowers that have the structure, smell and taste. Tropical Sleigh Ride is a effectively-rounded strain that has appears purchasers appreciate, flavor smokers can not get sufficient of and the medicinal properties individuals need to have. Check out the Mendo Dope YouTube channel and stick to along for the new series “The Green Dope Project” taking the viewer on a very first particular person appear into a complete season increasing in the Emerald Triangle.

Breeder: Greenshock Farms

Genetics: Purple Candy Cane X Pineapple

Yield: Heavy

Height: Medium to Tall

Harvest: 56 to 60 days

Indica: 30% Sativa: 70%


By Mendo Dope

Initially published in Weed Planet Magazine problem 139