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Zen CBD Oil Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Zen CBD Oil Brand with one star because it qualifies for the Quality Badge.

Zen CBD Oil: 60-Second Summary

United Kingdom-based Zen CBD may embrace that simplified perspective its namesake philosophy promotes, with a pared-down store offering a focused range of CBD oil products made from few and basic ingredients. Still, sometimes less isn’t always more. We’d love to see just a few more details about Zen CBD—particularly, the company’s background and any results of third-party lab testing on its products.


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Zen CBD Oil Brand Review

The school of Buddhism known as Zen is all about the practice of being in the moment, and Zen CBD hopes to help its customers reach that blissful state through the use of its CBD oils and sprays. We think.

There’s not much we can say for sure about the company, as it offers very little background information on itself, its founders, or its mission. Though, we do see that Zen CBD sources its industrial hemp from organic farms in Slovenia and utilizes the CO2 extraction method to separate its cannabidiol from the plant, which we appreciate, as the process is considered generally safer for both the environment and the health of those eventually ingesting the CBD oil.

There’s also some general information about the history and benefits of cannabidiol, though Zen CBD makes no mention of third-party lab testing for its products nor the sourcing of additional ingredients.

Their pared-down store (a very Zen way to operate) includes four different types of CBD oil sprays—in tasty-sounding flavors like chocolate, coconut, peppermint, and orange—as well as four different strengths of CBD oil tinctures, ranging from 300mg to 1500mg. Olive oil is the carrier oil of choice for their tinctures, and the CBD sprays utilize MCT oil, though the ingredients lists only make a reference to the vague “natural flavors.” Prices range, in British Pounds, from 25£ to 96£.

Bottom Line: The practice of Zen is all about simplicity, and while we appreciate that as a broad concept, it would also be nice to see a bit more information on the company Zen CBD—whether pertaining to the company’s ethos or history. And while we do like that Zen CBD uses quality cannabidiol extraction methods, we’d really like to see those claims backed up through some third-party lab test results.

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The United Kingdom-based company sources its hemp from organic farms in Slovenia and uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method to produce its CBD oil.



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Zen CBD Oil

Zen CBD Oil Review


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