Healthcare providers play a important function in facilitating patient access to healthcare cannabis. On the other hand, earlier surveys recommend only a minority of providers think that healthcare cannabis confers rewards to sufferers. Considerable new understanding about the prospective rewards and harms of healthcare cannabis has not too long ago emerged. Understanding existing attitudes and beliefs of providers may perhaps give insight into the ongoing challenges they face as states expand access to healthcare cannabis.


We carried out an electronic survey of major care providers in a significant Minnesota-primarily based healthcare technique among January 23 and February five, 2018. We obtained facts about provider qualities, attitudes and beliefs about healthcare cannabis, provider comfort level in answering patient queries about healthcare cannabis, and no matter whether providers had been interested in getting extra education.


Sixty-two providers completed the survey (response price 31% 62/199). Seventy-six % of respondents had been physicians and the typical age was 46.3 years. A majority of providers believed (“strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”) that healthcare cannabis was a legitimate healthcare therapy (58.1%) and 38.7% believed that providers should really be supplying to sufferers for managing healthcare conditions. A majority (> 50%) of providers believed that healthcare cannabis was useful for treating the qualifying healthcare conditions of cancer, terminal illness, and intractable discomfort. A majority of providers did not know if healthcare cannabis was successful for managing almost 1-half of the other state designated qualifying healthcare conditions. Handful of believed that healthcare cannabis improved good quality of life domains. More than 1-third of providers believed that healthcare cannabis interacted with healthcare therapies. A single-half of providers had been not prepared to or did not want to answer patient queries about healthcare cannabis, and the majority of providers wanted to find out additional about it.


Healthcare providers frequently think that healthcare cannabis is a legitimate healthcare therapy. Provider understanding gaps about the effectiveness of healthcare cannabis for state designated qualifying circumstances have to have to be addressed, and precise facts about the prospective for drug interactions wants to be disseminated to address provider issues. Clinical trial information about how healthcare cannabisimproves patient good quality of life domains is desperately necessary as this facts can effect clinical choice-producing.