Higher Occasions Executive Chairman on Regulation A+ Supplying


Higher Occasions magazine is the most nicely-identified brand in cannabis and is the top supply for cannabis news, data, and culture globally. HighTimes Holding Corp Executive Chairman Adam Levin delivers an overview of the firm and an update on current acquisitions. Higher Occasions has acquired crucial players in the cannabis media space such as Culture, Green Rush Each day, and Dope Magazine. Levin stresses that Higher Occasions is far more than a media firm and shares particulars of the company’s definitive agreement to purchase Feria Del Canamo, S.L. (Spannabis), the biggest cannabis trade conference in Europe. These bargains guarantee that Higher Occasions has the biggest cannabis audience on the world wide web, with its publishing portfolio reaching 22 million cannaconsumers. In addition to its publishing assets, the company’s income model involves ancillary goods, merchandise, B2B trade shows, and concert and occasion promotion, which includes the Cannabis Cup. The firm is at the moment undergoing a Regulation A+ supplying and Levin is thrilled Higher Occasions has secured more than 20,000 retail shareholders, as he anticipates the firm going public this quarter.


Narrator:     Higher Occasions is a month-to-month magazine and cannabis brand with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. The magazine was founded in 1974 by Tom Forcade and advocates for the legalization of cannabis. It has a circulation attain of 236,000 month-to-month print subscribers and more than 500,000 month-to-month web-site views.

In 2017 Higher Occasions was acquired by Oreva Capital in a deal valued at $70 million.

James West:   I’m joined now by Adam Levin. He’s the Executive Chairman of Higher Occasions Magazine, the most effective-identified brand in cannabis in the globe. Adam, welcome.

Adam Levin:   Thank you so considerably for obtaining me.

James West:   You bet. I have been a reader of Higher Occasions on and off more than the whole 44 year history. I’m 55, I began reading it when I was truly nine years old.

Adam Levin:   Wonderful. I really like it.

James West:   I discovered how to develop cannabis from Ed Rosenthal, who was after one particular of the most prolific writers of Higher Occasions.

Adam Levin:   Not only one particular of the most I imply, he’s nevertheless prolific as it gets. He’s almost certainly one particular of the most significant names.

James West:   Yeah, he is. Truly I went and met him at his property and we shot an interview there that is going –

Adam Levin:   Did he share some of his stuff with you?

James West:   He didn’t, due to the fact I was with all this film crew and anything. It wasn’t definitely copacetic, yeah. Okay, so you just led a group that has taken more than Higher Occasions from prior management.

Adam Levin:   I did that two years ago nowadays. Considering that then, we’ve created seven acquisitions in the space. We’ve purchased Culture, we’ve purchased Dope Magazine and media properties, in addition, Green Rush Each day. We just announced a definitive agreement to purchase Spannabis, the biggest cannabis trade conference in Europe.

James West:   Definitely?

Adam Levin:   And announced not too long ago that we signed definitives to purchase The Major Show. Beyond that, we’ve, it is been a busy two years, but we’ve accomplished, I do not know how familiar you are with a Reg-A IPO, it is like a mini-IPO.

James West:   Reg-A Plus?

Adam Levin:   Reg-A Plus.

James West:   Oh, I know Reg-A plus extremely nicely. An offshoot from the Jobs Act that gave firms the capability to raise up to $50 million with out filing a prospectus.

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Published: April 26, 2019

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