Hemp meals wraps, made by an Australian couple, are a new, sustainable option to plastic for covering meals.

Soon after launching her hemp business enterprise with her husband, Maxine Woodhouse didn’t want to concentrate on items she felt have been currently becoming performed, like oil and protein energy.

So she chose a thing that would stand out – hemp beeswax meals wraps.

Accessible in funky retro tie dyed colors, which tends to make them ideal for a dinner celebration, you may possibly say they definitely are the bees’ knees of meals wraps.

“We decided we wanted to have a thing various mainly because we want our business enterprise to be a bit exceptional from absolutely everyone else, so we went ‘okay what if we dyed them and dipped them and we get our beeswax’,” Maxine Shea, co-founder of Australian-primarily based business enterprise Hemp Collective and Fields of Hemp, told us.


The locally created wraps, which can be bought on the net, are all-all-natural, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, water-resistant and sustainable.

An Australian couple made sustainable hemp meals wraps making use of regional hemp and beeswax. (Photo: Hemp Collective)

The beeswax is sourced locally and infused with organic coconut oil and pine tree resin from the Byron Bay neighborhood in northern NSW, not far from exactly where Shea and her husband and business enterprise co-founder Mike have a hemp farm for industrial use.

“People go ‘oh is it farmed from bees that are becoming harmed’ and we went ‘well no the bee keepers appear soon after their bees,’” Maxine stated.

With a background that involves studying and teaching about waste education, the item also fits in with the ethos of the couple and their business enterprise.

“We came up with the hemp beeswax wrap mainly because we’re attempting to do away with plastic inside our business enterprise. I come from that zero waste (belief) and also moving forward I consider it is essential to do that for society,” Maxine stated.

“There’s so a great deal going on with plastic at the moment that it is an unsustainable item and it is killing a lot of wildlife, so the beeswax wraps created sense.”

Best for storing meals and maintaining make fresh – from vegetables and fruits to flowers to kids’ lunches – the list of utilizes for the wraps is endless, say the Hemp Collective.

The biodegradable wraps, which can be moulded into a pouch or cone (no pun intended) are also simple to use, are water-resistant, and are simple to wash.


Following their launch, the Hemp Collective unveiled their hemp paper and hemp business enterprise cards.

“I couldn’t discover any hemp business enterprise cards. I believed ‘no one’s really creating them in Australia’,” the entrepreneur stated.

“We went ‘okay you know what we could really do wedding invitations, we could do all sorts of issues with it.’ But the business enterprise cards have been what we began out with.”

The truth that it is a premium item once again sets it aside from the other folks that do exist, Maxine stated.

Photo: Hemp food wraps molded into a cone shape to hold fresh fruit on a table.

The reusable sustainable biodegradable hemp meals wraps can also be turned into pouch or cone shapes for serving snacks. (Photo: Hemp Collective)

The Hemp Collective’s soaps come in myrtle, activated charcoal, lavender oil, peppermint and eucalyptus, and oatmeal flavors. Components involve organic cold pressed coconut oil, purified water, Australian hemp seed oil, and organic unrefined shea butter.

“There’s almost certainly seven components in there and it is all either organic or Australian,” Maxine stated.

Subsequent up they will launch their hemp shampoo and conditioner bar variety. A healing balm is also in the pipeline.

The most important concern for their items, Mike stated, is that they are making higher high quality.

“We created confident that we got not just any coconut oil, we created confident that it either came from a sustainable supply but also great high quality,” he says.

“The identical with the shea butter.”


The couple’s business enterprise is primarily based in the tiny town of Mullumbimby, not far from the tourist hot spot Byron Bay, with a wall of hemp that the neighborhood helped make for their workplace.

“We stated we’re going to develop this hemp wall. Ten individuals (stated) ‘oh we’ll come and help’,” Maxine stated.

“We hand harvested that hemp. The neighborhood has been incredible about right here.”

The couple, who have been with each other for 17 years, have been primarily based in New Zealand, exactly where they had a distribution enterprise, ahead of they moved to Australia in 2017.

Photo: Three different colors and textures of hemp paper from Hemp Collective.

In addition to hemp meals wraps, Hemp Collective tends to make hem paper and physique care items. (Photo: Hemp Collective)

Maxine had earlier offered birth to the couple’s son who was diagnosed with a extreme kind of eczema. Maxine was later diagnosed with a brain tumor, a sort that impacts only 1 to two per cent of individuals. In New Zealand, they have been offered some CBD oil.

“When we came more than right here, we did a entire adjust and we looked at hemp and went yeah, I consider there’s a thing in this,” Mike stated.

“And then the meals law changed (in November 2017) and that is when we believed ‘well this is what’s going to get the wheels moving for the hemp market.’”

The couple say they have recurring consumers and their most important consumers are almost certainly mainly female, but their ages are various.

“The soap gets an older demographic whereas we really feel like shampoo bars and conditioner bars are going to be great for that travellers 18 – 35 sort age groups exactly where they’re sort of on the move,” Maxine stated.

“It’s ideal for travel, you just shove it in your bag. You do not have to carry all these significant bottles.”

“Artists are loving the paper.”


Maxine stated there’s also some fascinating issues taking place “behind the scenes”.

“We definitely want to start out acquiring some infrastructure taking place about the area, farmers increasing but increasing so they’re really going to get far better yields and outputs and also funds mainly because farmers are generally struggling,” she stated.

Maxine Shea poses with a collection of Hemp Collective products and a small hempcrete wall.

Maxine Shea poses with a collection of Hemp Collective items and a tiny hempcrete wall. (Photo: Ministry of Hemp / Pearl Green)

She stated the Australian hemp market was “stifled due to a variety of various things”.

“It’s stifled due to believed procedure the truth that there’s stigma about the items,” Maxine stated.

“Australia is behind due to its crazy policies.”

Maxine stated her vision for the hemp neighborhood in Australia was 1 exactly where individuals could collaborate but each and every single individual could nevertheless have a niche inside their business enterprise that sets them, their story, and their item apart.

“If absolutely everyone can function with each other you have really got a larger way of speaking to government and acquiring issues changed,” she stated.

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