Everybody I’ve spoked to about this tells me it was not a regular knowledge. : Marijuana


Okay, so I smoke on occasion and have gotten higher sufficient instances to know what getting higher is. My tolerance is fairly low since I do not smoke as well typically.

I went more than to a mates property and took a bong rip. A single bong rip is normally sufficient to get me higher but this a single was unique. I felt pins and needles all more than my physique, minor brain zaps, at a single point I was just quiet and the only noises I focused on was the tiking of the two clocks in the property and him ssshing his dog to sleep – it felt like hypnosis. My perception of the points about me was skewed, the coffee table was closer, I felt like I was shrinking, and the property felt like it was swaying. I got seriously paranoid as well – but I am not confident if that was since this knowledge was absolutely unexpected as a “high” or if it was the impact of what ever weed that was. I told him what I was experiencing and he told me that the knowledge was known as psychedelia, and even mentioned “damn you have by no means been essentially higher ahead of?” – which confuses me since I surely have been higher (from bong rips, edibles, a pen) but by no means have skilled these effects.

I drove myself property since I got super paranoid and the drive was felt seriously extended.

What the fuck? Everybody who smokes often that I’ve explained this as well mentioned that was not a regular knowledge. Was the weed laced? Why did he act like this was regular? I didn’t even know weed got reduce…?!

Has anybody had comparable experiences?!


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