Need to They Even Contact it How Higher two?


I’m certain you have heard by now that the new How Higher two film will not be starring the original 2001 cast of Approach Man or Redman! So my query is must they even get in touch with it How Higher two?

Effectively here’s the details:

In contrast to the plot in the original 2001 How Higher exactly where Approach Man fertilizes a single of his homegrown cannabis plants with the ashes of his buddy Ivory:

The ghost all through the film that only seems when you smoke him and has all the answers. Landing Approach Man and Redman in Harvard bringing the hood and the bud on campus with them!  Getting everyone from the uptight Dean Cain to the student security officer:

The Vice President:

And even the ghost of Ben Franklin:

Taking rips off the liberty bong!

This new produced for Television, How Higher two, in contrast is going to be about two “potrepreneurs,” DC Young Fly and Lil Yachty, on a mission to start out-up a munchies delivery service and is not going to be really straight cannabis connected since it is for a tv PG-13 audience.

Which tends to make a lot of sense given that we all know and he even stated on VH1’s Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Celebration, Lil Yachty does not even smoke weed! And ideal there ladies and gentlemen we have our answer:

How Higher two” will not star Approach Man and Redman. It will never ever shine higher on the significant screen and it is new major stoner does not even know how to get higher either…. What precisely is going to be higher about this Television film?? I do not in fact know and feel How Higher two was not a effectively believed out title.

Even so, it is set to air on MTV in 2019 and we must nonetheless verify it out and help the younger generation as Redman says right here:

There are rumors that Approach Man and Redman could nonetheless make a cameo look which softens the blow possibly a tiny. Let me know what you all feel in the comments under and as generally remain lit!


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