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Free of charge Domain Privacy Protection

Each and every domain registered by way of involves privacy protection at no added charge.

Maintaining your information secure is as essential to us as it is to you. Privacy protection for domains that are registered at is now totally free, so you do not have to select in between your web-site and your safety.

What is domain privacy protection?

When you register a new domain, you have to deliver private speak to data. This data is stored at WHOIS, a database containing the particulars of each and every registered domain.

In the previous, WHOIS produced this data publicly accessible unless you opted in to — and paid added for — privacy protection. If you chose not to acquire privacy protection (or couldn’t afford to), spammers and advertising firms could appear up your domain and get access to your name, address, e mail, telephone quantity, and other data about you or your enterprise.

Privacy protection replaces this public data with generic information, so WHOIS gets the vital particulars but keeps your private information secure from prying web eyes — but at a expense.

What’s altering?

In May perhaps 2018, the Common Information Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into impact for EU citizens. It resulted in adjustments to WHOIS that, in several instances, protect against speak to data from becoming publicly published whether or not or not a person purchases enhanced privacy for a domain.

We’re committed to safeguarding your information and think on the web security shouldn’t rely on exactly where in the globe you reside, so from now on, each and every domain registered by way of also involves privacy protection at no added charge.

How do I turn it on?

Head to My Internet site &gt Domains, choose a domain, and turn Privacy Protection on. If it is blue, you are all set. If not, toggle the setting to turn it on!


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